PDC Around The Clock Challenge
Please chalk me up for a 21.
Darts - 180 ice dragons - 20g.
On Unicorn eclipse Pro 2.
2015 180's - 54
2016 180's - 162. 
2017 180's-181.
2018 180's- 134 up to end of July.
Best 501 - 12 darts - on 22/12/2016 
11 darter on 18 - 4- 2018.
Highest out-170 (22-6-16).

De guy yawning at de oche ...full of chalk an stuff.....dats Me!
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Member previously known as Daveheald

Current Darts: Winmau Aspria - 22g
Previous Darts: Target Chizzy 80% Tungsten Dart - 22g
Previous Darts: Red Dragon Robert 'The Thorn' Thornton - 22g
Previous Darts: Dart World 19903 Piranha 90% Tungsten Dart - 24g
Previous Darts: Red Dragon Robert 'The Thorn' Thornton - 26g
Board:  Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core
Soft tip: Red Dragon Robert 'The Thorn' Thornton - 18g

Website: DartsCheckoutAssistant.com

[Image: 15772798406_680313104f_c.jpg]

Member previously known as Daveheald

17!!! 1 dart on bull change everything

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Board: Winmau Blade 5
Darts : One80 Bavaria SG 21g
Stems: Short Deflectagrip
Flights: Ribtex Standard
First time trying 26 darts.
13 for me..

Im sure it was a fluke but I'll take it
There Are No Heroes, Only Warriors
Tried it for the first time last night.  30 darts the first round, then 17 the next.
Looks like good cricket and out shot practice .. going to give this a shot . Going to have to pass this game around to my fellow league players .
On my last throw before I went to bed last night, I ended up throwing a 27 on this challenge and I was pretty pumped about it because I hit the bull in 1 throw. However, I already had my computer shutdown, so I figured I would just enter the score tonight. I created a spreadsheet for this challenge, so I decided to throw a few rounds to see how it works....low and behold I shot a 24!!! So I am happy with that score, especially since I had a 3, 4 and 5 score in there. I had another good throw going, but the bull got me on that one.

I like this challenge because there is a risk/reward aspect to it.

So I will take a 24 and try to improve on that.

Started playing September 2018

Board - Winmau - Blade 5 Dual Core
Best Scoring Set of Darts - Harrows Wolfram Infinity 23g
Other Sets - Anderson Noir, Anderson 2 time Championship Phase 3, MVG Originals, and too many others to list.  

Best 501 game - 19 (steel tip); 15 (soft tip - 85-85-140-140->14 (missed 11), 5,D16) 
Best 10 Throw Average - 75.6; Best 33 Throw Average = 63.7
Overall Average (throwing 30 darts) - 53.54 trending toward 59
Number of 180s - 2018 = 5; 2019 = 14 
Highest checkout - 93 (T19 - D18)


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