New Unicorn UltraCore Darts
Hi Fellow DartsNutz

Has anyone tried the New Unicorn UltraCore Darts?

Is it legit or just another Gimmick?

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Not tried them, but here's the link to the review

The only way I could see these really having some value is if you're a plastic tip and steel tip player and want the same barrel but different weight.
It's a gimmick but if you are one of these people that continuously mess around with stem lengths and flights then it will give you something else to mess with when you've exhausted all those avenues trying to find your 'perfect' set up.
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Depends on if you can throw them or not whether they are a gimmick or not.
I tried them, mentioned it somewhere on here. Not for me, maybe I dont have the patience for the experiments.
I just find that they dont fly well for me.
Disappointed, maybe one day when I am bored I will play with them a gain.
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I'm fixin to buy the cores and add them to darts that I like already ,,,The Target Taylor Gen 1 The Power 18 gram soft tips have 18mm front and rear,,,plenty of room to add a 2 gram core front and a 2 gram core in the rear,,,Smile   That gives me plenty to play with without trying the Ultra core darts,,,,,,Maybe 1 day ,, but not ready to pull the trigger yet ,,, maybe when they hit the clearance section,,,Smile
[Image: w3A1Oz5.gif]
Personally I think they're a great idea. For somebody like myself who would like to try and stack but can't because my grip is too flicky or whatever, if i was to put the weights at the back, I wouldn't have an issue. Can't also change the weight so they're different balance points which helps a lot of different people.

Very clever I reckon!
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My Darts!

I have tried the new Ultracore Dart James Wade Style. 

I bought them because of the chance , to get a Wade dart in 25 or 26 gr and because of its "faster front" . If you know what I mean ....

But , I had the problem , that these darts in connection with tweeny shafts had a galactic length ..... I frequently hit my face with the flight when I was pulling back the dart.....and i missed the target by long.....have sold them on xbay  :s
I like the thought of them, but the barrel length seems so long on all of them. They were all about 60mm long from memory?
[Image: image.png]
yeah , it s about 60mm .... the barrels are about the same length than the normal Wade Barrels the length of the nose cone....and the tip isnt to short too ......
they were the first darts that didnt fit into my dart case .....tooooo loooong  Exclamation

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