Angle on the board
Hi guys, I'm struggling to get my darts to sit right in the board, they seem
To sit flat, similar to Phil Taylor's. It's irritating when I land my first dart above the 60 bed, and means switching each time. I've tried different set-ups, longer/shorter stems, different flights etc. Only improvement I've seen is with front weighted darts (Harrows Bomber), but ideally I'd like to stick to my regular barrels. 

Any suggestions? 

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My darts seem to do a similar thing but I've not had too much trouble with covering the T20 bed. I use short steams and Slim flights the main reason being this is what I throw best with first and foremost, however I did find that it stopped the problem of making the second and third darts difficult.
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I find that if I want to persist with aiming for the 60 with my second or third darts, I have to try to force them in to prevent deflecting off of the first!
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My first thought would have been to play with the set-up but you have already tried that. would you class yourself as a 'hard' thrower? This might lessen the effects of different set-ups...Have you tried gripping the dart slightly further back?
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With short stems and standard flights my darts always land slightly tail up, I guess it's all down to each individuals throw
I know I can change the angle my darts land in the board by simply changing stem length or flight size, or a combination of both.   Like someone else has already mentioned, just how hard you throw the darts at the board could probably have some effect on their flight path and how they land.    If you fire them hard like Steven Bunting, then the equipment doesn't have time to work as opposed to having a softer throw like Barney or Lewis where the dart takes more of an arc path to the board.
Try thinner/lighter flights. What size flights do you use right now?

I found these items will often make the tail lay down...
-heavier/thicker flights
-smaller flights (if I throw with slims, the tail will actually lay angled down at 15 degree angle
-longer stems

So basically do the opposite.
Try a shorter stem and thinner/lighter flights (but with a good surface area). I would recommend a 75 micron standard flight. It will give you good drag (make your dart nose down before hitting the board) and the lighter/thinner flights will put all of the weight forward.
Hi Ryan and welcome aboard, as the others suggest you may need to try some set up changes and see if that helps.
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Thanks for the suggestions everybody, I tend to use a short stem with 100 micron standard flights, and I tend to throw softly.
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If all the suggestions with the Stems and Flights don´t work why you don´t just specialies yourself in taking the cover shots on the 19´s and 18´s?
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