Bounce outs
My point are rounded also.
I never sharpen them and have very few bounce outs.
I don't think it matters if you sharpen your dart points or if they are rounded if you hit a wire it is going to either side or bounce out. If it hit a flight it will probably bounce out as mine do more then hit the wire.

I have only been throwing darts for 3 years and been learning not to watch the bounce outs but keep my focus on the number, double or triple I am shooting for.

It was not easy but now when I get a bounce out I generally do not know where it went because my focus stays on the number, double triple I want.

It was not easy to do but I am much better at it then ever before because of this website showing me the way to become better.

Try not to look where it goes it is gone it does not matter once out of the board!!!

It is not easy but each try not to watch and keeping focus on your target will help. It did not happen over night for me and still is a practice in the works but each time you don't watch makes your focus more intent!

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