Win, lose or draw ?
Last match was Monday evening. The darts had felt terrible all night, but the wins were coming because they were a weaker team and my doubling was somehow impeccable! Won the first leg with nothing special, finished in my first dart. Second leg the scoring was just as bad, but finished with a nice clean 116 finish (S20 T20 D18). Felt really good to finish like that and instantly the darts seem to feel a bit better too.
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The last time I played I fed $1 into the machine. I warmed up with 1 game of count up and almost hit 180-180-141 on the trot. Ended with a score of 1018 (127.25ppd)
Played one game of Bermuda Triangle with the D Bull turned on for the last round and scored 954.
Then another game of count up and I forgot what I scored lol
Hi Cyanide. Could you explain Bermuda triangle please ?
(02-05-2016, 08:37 PM)steve1 Wrote: Hi Cyanide. Could you explain Bermuda triangle please ?

13 rounds total. 39 darts will be throw. 

Start at the 12's. If you hit 3 12's your score is 36.

Continue to 13's. If you hit 4 13's you scored 52 points. That's added to your previous score. So now you're at 88.

14's next

Then shoot for ANY double with all 3 darts. 

Next 3 rounds will be 15's, 16's and 17's. 

Then ANY treble. 

18's, 19's 20's

Then shoot at the 25/bullseye area. Any 25 or 50 hit only scores as 25 points. This would be a bad time to hit 3 bulls lol

Final round is bullseye only. 

Here's the catch. Anytime you miss with all 3 darts your score gets cut in half Sad

So imagine having a massive score and missing in the last round. Most frustrating thing ever!! Angry

It's a very common game on an Arachnid soft tip board. You can also set the machine for 12 rounds instead of 13 by selecting bullseye only which makes the game easier. ANY part of the bull counts in the last round.
Wow, I'm sure it ain't as complicated as it sounds after a few attempts. I'll have another read tomorrow after a coffee or 6.
(02-05-2016, 11:00 PM)steve1 Wrote: Wow, I'm sure it ain't as complicated as it sounds after a few attempts. I'll have another read tomorrow after a coffee or 6.

Yeah, that's a mess I typed. Just watch the video instead. Easier...
Just got in from an abysmal outing of darts.    Went to the local watering hole to toss some darts with some league players that usually show up on Friday afternoons and let myself get hammered in sets.    Had no trouble getting in on 301, or getting down, but couldn't buy a double out to save my life.     Well, now I know what area of the game needs more work is the only positive I got out of this venture.

Same with Cricket.    Got down to crunch time and I couldn't hit for points when the opportunity presented itself and was miserable on Bulls.     That's how it goes sometimes, and I've been playing long enough to know there will be days like this, but they aren't easy to take.

I also had at least a dozen darts hit the floor for some reason.    The board was not one of the best, but my points were scuffed sufficiently that they should have stuck better.

Well, better luck next time I guess.
We win some we lose some gumbo. All part of the game. When I lose it motivates me to practice that much harder so I'm ready for him next time around.
Won last night in the singles league. Played abysmally, but won. Monday night, showed up, chucked 7 ton+ in one leg of 701 doubles and two legs of 501 singles in the regular league. Friday night singles, can't get all three in the 20 segment. That's nerves for you. Saving grace, pretty good on the doubles.

Had our first night of league play Thursday. Split my games of 501 singles. Was hitting well but couldn't find the trebles in the second leg.
Doubles was a complete disaster. Doubled in 501 on my first throw (both matches) and couldn't hit the ocean with a rock after that. Couldn't mark in cricket either except for the bull and by then it was too late.
Cricket singles I'm up against their best player and actually had a shot in the first leg

Our team actually did well I thought. First night of league play for any of us and we managed a split to force the a tiebreaker game of 1001. Lost that one unfortunately.

I think nerves got the best of me. First night jitters and all that. The opposition had been playing together as a team for 4 years now.
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