Similar to - Looks Like - Which set to Buy ?
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I am looking for an equivalent to Gary Anderson phase 3. I use 25g and like the grip and bull nose end, but the dart is just a little too long for my liking.

Suggestions all welcome.

All equivalent grip to Andos and 50,8/50,9mm long

The nopperts I have tried,grip isn't as good. I have a set of the double 16s already but the nose is different.

The dark thunders look pretty good though

RD Dragonflys?
[Image: DwCGuKcm.jpg]

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These look like the new Rob Cross Darts!
Hi I'm looking for a dart with a little ridge in the middle (not exactly a full blown scallop)

just like the one80 nighthawk jetstream or the Target Jackpot JP Version


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Anyone knows of an alternative to Cosmo Knight 3 ?
(08-12-2018, 05:26 PM)nightkaira Wrote: Anyone knows of an alternative to Cosmo Knight 3 ?

If you're going for that kind of heavy torpedo shape, I'd recommend Maki Kurotaki's 96 It's got a similar shape and it's 19g and almost the same thickness and length.

If you want that smoother grip of the Knight 3, Mana Kawakami's Orger is pretty close, though it's considerably lighter at 16g.

Yuji Nishimoto's Graham have a very similar look, but the grip is a little rougher (thought most of the dimensions are the same).

My last suggestion would be Hyakka-Ryouran by Natsumi Iwata. It's got that simple front with the grooved grip in the back, but the overall shape isn't quite the same.
Unicorn Phase 2 (Taylor's old darts) replica's anyone?
(09-14-2018, 11:15 PM)RooieReetAap Wrote: Unicorn Phase 2 (Taylor's old darts) replica's anyone?

Quite a few choices in the market. Check the Ruthless ring grip darts or some McCoys on Pure Darts.

Other options are at Darts Clearance ebay shop.

However, the originals are the originals. Why wouldn't you buy these?
Unicorn Phase 2

If you're after other than 24g weights (original were only available in 24g though) you can also check the Designa Dark Thunders.
I hate to ask seeing as I have a new set of darts that haven't even shown up at the house yet, but does anyone make a dart that is the flat black (I have always thought of it as primer black) that matches the L Style carbon shafts?

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