Generic darts
(01-31-2016, 07:57 AM)Cyanide Wrote:
(01-27-2016, 02:12 PM)MadMike4 Wrote:
(01-27-2016, 10:07 AM)Getagrip Wrote: There is lots of generic type darts which are often the same in various shops but a particular shop will add their own name to them.

I saw puredarts, Tommy's, McCoy ..... are any of similar quality to Unicorn, Target, Harrows and just lack the advertising and pro endorsement?  Has anybody played VERY well with a generic set?  

Golf clubs of quite good quality are offered by small companies with no advertising budget and no endorsement deals ..... but everybody wants to play what the pros use on tv and is willing to pay 3X more to do so.

The darts themselves don't matter at all. I now shoot with $15 soft tip darts I bought in the UK (these after a years abuse ) They're just as good as any other dart imo. 

Just because a pro's name is on the dart doesn't mean you'll play better with it.

Very true.  But for many, there is a psychological side to your equipment selection, or an image/ego that comes into play.  Me?  I'd rather be a great player with a cheap set of darts no one has seen before, that an average player with fancy expensive darts.  I say that, as a newcomer to the game and having just bought 12 sets in the past 2 months including some Target, Unicorn, (O'Shea/Chizzy/Nicholson), Red Dragon, and now have 2 sets of generics.  Too many!  I'm new, I'm learning.

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