Merv King Bamboo Holiday Romance
While on holiday I discovered a bricks and mortar darts shop where you could try out the darts. The other day I threw Carrera C6 and Hankey 14g. I didn't think anything would top the Hankeys but today I threw the bamboo style Winmau Merv Kings.

Well, the scallops didn't quite match where my fingers naturally fell but needed only a slight change to sit right. Once I got it it was like a dream. A bit inconsistent but 5 140's in 15 minutes was a much better than average return. They just get right, and the scallops ensure a consistent grip.

I'm committed to my current set so didn't buy them but I can't imagine I'll be able to resist their charges indefinitely.

Anyone got a set who'd like to comment on how they get along one the honeymoon is over?

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I tried them and a few of the penetrators as well. As much as I liked them there was never enough grip for me. In theory a scallop dart should be great as you hold them in the same place every time. But I get the impression a lot try them and move on. I have not seen anyone here that uses them as their go to dart but I could be wrong on that.

There is also a nice bit of a difference between the 22 and 24g as the heavier one is longer and the scallops are bigger.
If you like a dart with a medium or low grip they could be a runner though.
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I found them to be surprisingly comfortable to throw but I think it does depend on where your grip sits if its ok in the scallops then its very good Smile
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I threw the datadart ones really well and the 24g winmau silver ones
Thanks for the info everyone.

Interesting about the difference between 22g and 24g. The ones I threw had no weight on the packaging so I'm not sure what they were. I normally throw 22g but don't have enough experience to spot the difference. If they were the 24s then the 22s may still be a good fit as I have small hands.

I have to say I'll probably end up getting a set the next time I'm in the area. They're an iconic dart so happy to have it as a keeper, even if it never becomes my daily throw.

Darts: Harrows Glen Durrant Duzza Series 2 24g, short Harrows Supergrip shafts, Harrows flights (Marathon/Retina/Optix/Rapide) 

Best 501: 13 darts (League), 14 darts (Pro Darter)

Best Checkout: 154 (League), 160 (Pro Darter)
I have Datadart version with microgrips, and 2 Black MKs which I both "nicked" from Spartan. All 22g.

I am a rear gripper. MK darts works perfect if you know where to place those fingers and if you throw it like you're "slinging" it. With extra long points, it does wonders to me. The only thing - after an hour long session with it, I find it hard to adopt to my straight barrels. Lol!

MK's darts are magical!
I bought the black ones to try, they feel look and great but the grooves are not where I would like them. 30 minutes and back in the box
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If they truly were, he'd still be using them!  Smile

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