Anyone Throw Heavier Darts?
I guess it's where and what you start with, but I started with guys that preferred heavier darts, 24 and up so that's where I've begun with my foray back into the game. I always favored those up to about 26 but doing a lot of looking around, heavier points seem to be the minority choice by far. Ive never given lighter darts a chance, but there must be good reason for the more popular choice.
I like 26g Robert Thorton these days.I used 24g for 25+ years but after going to 26g i'll never go back down.
Not that this means anything but the average weight of the top 32 PDC players is around 21.8 grams last time I checked. Imo American's tend to use heavier darts from what I've seen. I started out with 24 grams but it seemed like everyone else used something heavier. I now play with an 18 gram dart (total weight including stems/flights).

Phil Taylor did just fine with a 26 gram barrel but there's also been a handful of world champions that use 18 grams or lighter. So I don't really think it matters much.

But I do have a theory. American's play a lot of short format matches. Best of 3's usually. So maybe they can get away with a heavier dart compared to the overseas players doing long format 501? You could use a 30 gram dart playing best of 3's and you won't be bothered. But try doing a few best of 11's 501 with a 30 gram dart. Your arm will fell like rubber.
Thanks Cyanide, I haven't really thought of it in those terms, but it makes perfect sense. I can't think of a better theory honestly. I think I'll try a set of something 25 or 26 next, as Im pretty certain that's where I was years ago. I won't be throwing a long stretch anytime soon.
Barneveld also used 25g for awhile. He used his Phase 2A's for many's a very well balanced straight barrel.

I also recommend his Phase 3's if you like a little more grip. They're 25g shark grips but they're in 95% they're a bit thinner and physically look like a lighter dart. Probably one of my favorite darts of all time.
Didnt Leighton Rees throw 27 gram darts?
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I'm throwing 29g. darts just now. Finding them a whole lot easier to group together. I was using 22g. for a long time but they started to 'wander' so tried the 'heavyweights' and so far so good...j.d. Big Grin
(01-20-2016, 11:30 PM)jimdandy Wrote: I'm throwing 29g. darts just now. Finding them a whole lot easier to group together. I was using 22g. for a long time but they started to 'wander' so tried the 'heavyweights' and so far so good...j.d. Big Grin

...and I'm doing exactly the opposite now. Started out in the 28 - 30g range, and I'm now throwing 22g with better control and a much smoother motion. Different strokes I guess.
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(01-20-2016, 11:26 PM)ChrisTheFish Wrote: Didnt Leighton Rees throw 27 gram darts?

 Not sure if it's fact, but think some years back I read or heard that Leighton threw darts of odd weights something of the order of 2 at 28 Grm's & 1 at 31 grm's. Stand corrected if it's BS.
There's a fella in our league throws 45g darts and he's good....he's dropped down from 48g because he couldn't get the grip pattern he wants lol (not that they are too heavy?). It's purely a preference I've thrown 10g right through to 30g (settled on 22g) I think if your form is good and confidence is in good shape you can throw anything (within reason). Grip and comfort are a much more important factor than a couple of grams difference in weight Smile
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I think it just depends on the thrower. I started out using 24g, then used a 26g Phase 5 for awhile, and now I'm using 21g/22g. A lot of the pros use lower weights but some use/ have used heavier darts. Like Phil Taylor who uses 26g, Barney use to use 25g but now uses 21g, I've heard MVG's darts use to be 26g but who knows what they are now lol, a few other pros use heavier around 23g/24g +.
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Just picked up on this thread about heavier darts..... My "go-to" darts are 35g (see my post Custom Made Darts)... I throw a lot of lighter darts that I've collected but find them harder to throw to get them to stay in the board, whereas my heavy-weights need very little effort to get them on their way ...they bury themselves deep in the bristles & stay put .... I don't have to give them that extra push which tends to put them into the 1 so I feel I can concentrate on the aim more... I have no problems with 'soft' bounce-outs & fall-outs & fewer deflections than you'd imagine as they just just seem to muscle their way into the treble even if it looks full up. As said previously: "different strokes" but they work for me!

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