adding videos to thread
when replying to the topic select the new reply and not just quick reply
[Image: captureswp.png]

brings you to this page then click the telly icon
[Image: capture2xb.png]
when you click this you will see a drop down menu. if the video is on youtube select that option and paste the code in.

you get the code for the video when on that youtube page click share underneath then it drops down to reveal facbook and the likes there will be a code like and that is what you need to paste into your reply
[Image: drUF6Pb.png]
Thanks for that Jamie.
good catch mate
Cheers James!!!!
This helped me yesterday, thanks mate
This is a good reference for video.
[Image: bIcnxOK.png]
Can some video types be added as attachments? I tried to attach a small mp4 file to a topic but it wouldn't allow it.
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no I don't think so, think its just the types that come up when you click the video icon
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