What Darts You Use Right Now ?
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Target Carrera
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Unicorn Phil Taylor black Phase 6 darts, black points, black titanium stems with black stem tops and black DXM Phase 5 flights
(05-17-2017, 09:32 PM)drewgriffiths Wrote: Unicorn Phil Taylor black Phase 6 darts, black points, black titanium stems with black stem tops and black DXM Phase 5 flights
Reminds me of a quote from a Rowan Atkinson sketch:

It's like a blind man looking for a black cat in a dark room that isn't there Big Grin
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Darts: Target Carrera C10 - 24g
Dartboard: One80 Gladiator II
Lighting: Target Vision 360
Surround: Winmau Orange
21 gram unicorn gripper modded with glue in front of the barrel to prevent flight damage. Target progrip spin stems with winmau whizlock caps. Tri-colour harrows retina flights. O-ring between stems and barrels. 

[Image: omA69K1.jpg]
[Image: 21f921e1-82f8-427a-9bd9-2680b32a93a8_zpsqzbjxbcd.jpg]
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may all the doubles be with you

Carrera C4 24g, short target aluminium (what, I like them?) stems, Vision Honeycomb flights
Bulls NL 501 pyramid grip 24g
L Style flights & stems
Unicorn Volute points
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[Image: 9myosOx.png]
Match darts: Cosmo Darin Young with No1 gear shaft and teardrop fit air flights.
May the darts be with us
New shafts and flights before tonight's Singles KO tournament.

[Image: Kk0Gxdv.png]
Darts - 21g DF01 Daytona Fires with Carbon TI Short Shafts.
Highest Checkout: Trebles Board 157, Doubles Board 100

[Image: 2nd_zps5b9ddbd4.png]
[Image: DODLCOMPETITOR1_zpsff2d8071.png][Image: WCWx1_zps1d135da1.png]

    My current set up

Nice Hoppy bought some of them myself today, but find I have to throw from the rear to suit my throw.
Highest Checkout - 156 
180's - 17
Best 501 - 15 darts
Hit my first 180 - 27/1/14

[Image: HCY9iFG.png]
I like the Bunting 80ies , the only darts i ve reached three180 ies with.
The next darts i will try are the Bunting Gen.2 . Hope they fly as good as these.
If someone wants to get rid of a set of Bunting Gen.2 in 21g in excellent condition please contact me. [Image: 5e18214749f1eb659e3d597a6c351124.jpg]

Gesendet von meinem SM-T813 mit Tapatalk
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Scott Rand 23g, not entirely happy and looking to change ?
Red Dragon Snakebite Euro 11's 20g with intermediate Cross fire stems Dimplex Ace of Spades flights. 
 [Image: IMG_4407_zpsxvmpg9vz.jpg]
Throwing Black PVD Coated Target Agora A01’s 22g darts at a Winmau Blade 5

Highest checkout - 141 (T20 T19 D12)
Best leg - 16 Darts x2

Great setup with those flights Dart vader! I like Smile
Currently using:  Unicorn Gripper 23G
Best Dart Leg 2018:  14 Darts
180s goal 2018:  41 / 100

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