What Darts You Use Right Now ?
Right now, I'm using (Taylor) Phase 2s with medium nylon shafts and slim R4X flights. I have a lot of different shape flights and shafts of varying lengths laying about in my practice area, so the setup is subject to change. The only way for me to stick to a single setup is to get rid of everything (darts included) that I'm not actively using.
- If it don't fit, force it.  If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.
- If it ain't broke, you might still be able to fix it.

"Maintain a solid 60.  What you do with your other two darts is up to you" -Unknown

My match darts:  21gm Harrows Wolfram Infinity, short nylon/Target Carbon Ti Pro stems, standard flights.
Was rapides, then duzza's, then Dazzlers, now Orions..next week whatever shows up in the mail Wink
Moddarts 22 Gram Keith Deller'sModdarts
Designa 21g Black Shadows , Harrows graf lite stems and Pentathalon  weave flights with black flight protectors .
Using some very cool Darts Clearance barrels (22 gram) that Markus sent me.

[Image: feba9eef-fcc2-4672-a31a-e583be661311_zps9d9cqfh4.jpg]
Nice barrels mate
may all the doubles be with you

(04-27-2017, 06:54 PM)Fred-180 Wrote: Nice barrels mate

Cheers Fred, they are a pleasant surprise to throw with. Smile
GWN the 80's called they want there darts back lol, nice darts
(04-27-2017, 07:04 PM)Crusher17 Wrote: GWN the 80's called they want there darts back lol, nice darts

Just ordered more stuff from darts corner!But my current set up for the last few weeks is:
Monster Ideal II 18G, with 41.5mm ProGrip shafts, standard punched pentathlon flights with target slot lock rings.

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Red Dragon Amberjack 17 26g
Very nice GWN - would you know how wide they are at the front?

I'm currently using a set of Andy Fordhams I bought a few years back and when I get bored will likely switch back to Barney Phase 5's.

[Image: 5c86f28c-015e-4fb2-8e0e-93edeb8ea8be_zps...g~original]
Just got this off a few days ago  Big Grin

[Image: sHdUASl.jpg]
Stick to her

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      These are my weapons of choice (at the moment) Target Sport Excel 22g with extra micro grip towards the back.
The latest catch are the Red Dragon Peter Wright Mambas in 22g.
I like the grip very much , but it's hard to handle them.
They are so long and often collide with my spectables.

The green coating might be a little more intense. Let's see how they fly.....[Image: f40c5c73fee4139c3a51aec9827fbd5e.jpg][Image: 6e5df59fda86cc31af2dbd7f0b08ce85.jpg][Image: 5e6fa45301cb43973596aebe0cb54f95.jpg][Image: 79fac7cbae5bcf6f5a46522108f236a2.jpg]

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