Ask the Darts Nutz: Part One
OK, as a part of my blog/site I will be bringing topics of conversation here to get feedback from the Darts Nutz community, which will then be linked back up to my blog as part of an ongoing feature.

As you will see in the latest posting.. I talk about paper practice targets..

OK Nutz..what is your take on 'em? Good? Bad? Brilliant? Gimmick?
ah I have some like that.

I think its a useful tool to use for charting your progress or for recording if something you have changed is having a good or bad effect.

I think its time I started to use mine more regular. Smile
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Its another tool to use. If it helps use it, if not discard.3
[Image: 2e2gdae.jpg]
For me personally they can be helpful if you keep them and record them over a longer period of time...I don't think they are as effective over short periods as everyone can have a bad day or 2 that would impare the results you are seeing...

On another note, I didn't normally throw as many darts at mine as you have in the picture shown as I found it easier picking out trends with a lower number but this could just be personal preference....I think i was throwing around 30 darts at mine then date it and put it away...Do this once or twice a week and you should eventually start noticing the difference if you are putting the practice in. You will obviously still have a few bad days but the trends will be easier to see, the longer you keep at it.

I would still use them the odd time now but normally just fro something different or when having a throw with my mates for a bit of fun.
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Me personally, I think they are a gimmick - useless IMO.

For the simple reason, say on a 7 day cycle, one day you are throwing well, the next not so well and so on - the paper charts may in fact only be showing on what days you were throwing good and what days you were throwing bad - nothing to do with improvement IMO.

As I say, just my opinion. Each to their own Smile
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Although, after further thought, I would say they may be of use to someone who can practice for several hours at a time - could show progress over a couple of hours I guess.
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In the game of darts, you should need a good eye, a set of darts, stems and flights, a dart board, a oche and a passion for the sport.The rest is all gimmicks in my opinion. Sleeves, paper targets practise rings ............. How did we manage without all these gimmicks? To be honest I would be lost without my sight right,unicorn on tour, storm points,ultra grip points, Cosmo and L-flights and not forgetting my suitcase to carry it all in!!!!! :-)
gimmick -I agree with Rebel and rabsmith2
i don't think they are designed to be used every day over a short take on them was that they were to be used to give a rough idea of you improvement over a longer period...e.g. look at the month of january and compare it with july and see if your grouping has improved so your using a group of sheets rather than a one off day to compare and help even out any daily fluctuations.

I don't think they are for everyone and would be more aimed at beginners which is why some may see them as gimmicks or of no use. Good to here the different views on them though Smile Should be a good start to the feature for Daves blog
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I agree for the most part - however I'm gonna try the sleeve thing because my throwing arm has problems with a strain , hopefully the sleeve will help - after it heals then no sleeve. Damn off subject sorry.
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