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My current darts are a custom made set as made by Madhouse and I absolutely love them. I had them altered by Madhouse to add a little grip to where I hold the dart and they fly great for me - the weight and the shape are perfect, but just recently I've been struggling to grip consistently in the same place the result being when I grip perfect my darts go where I want, but if I'm slightly off then they don't go great. Subsequently if has been playing on my mind and that's not good.

Anyway my darts were based on the tapered Lewis dart and subsequently had a grip alteration at the front, but if truth be told I only grip the dart at the front and on the point so have no need whatsoever for grip anywhere else on the barrel.

So last night I sent an email to Antony at Madhouse (as that's when the idea came to me), for a dart with the same shape and, dimensions and weight, but completely smooth other than a scallop with micro-grip where I grip the dart. Antony emailed this morning to confirm that is was OK and I've just received an email to confirm that they have been made, complete with a picture.

I can't wait to get my hands on these. they are 18.15g, 5.65mm in diameter and 51mm long:

[Image: image1_zpscuy9yjsi.jpg]

For information this is what my current darts look like and although they look the business, the majority of the grip is just there to look like the tapered Lewis dart and serves no purpose to me, I only grip them where the double rings are at the front.

[Image: F23F1F04-2676-4652-9140-BB632A385109_zpsosqzhvvf.jpg]
[Image: tmq2g1Yl.jpg]
Very nice looking darts and another great job by Madhouse by the looks of it.
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they look very good indeed. i can see the appeal of a dart that only has grip where you want it, in order to train yourself to grip in the same place every time. i hope they work out for you.
(10-19-2015, 03:34 PM)rich345 Wrote: they look very good indeed. i can see the appeal of a dart that only has grip where you want it, in order to train yourself to grip in the same place every time. i hope they work out for you.

Hopefully they will throw exactly the same as my current darts. I think the problem that I have had is a combination of the darts being so thin and that I had the grip altered to be in a very specific place. I have found myself feeling for the subtle grip profile change instead of instinctively holding the same place and have been over-thinking. 

The way I see it with these new ones, I will hold them in the exact some place each time. I have had a throw with a few scalloped darts lately and I like the way they feel and the release, but the scallop wasn't in the right place. These should be the best of both worlds.
[Image: tmq2g1Yl.jpg]
Very nice design and work from Anthony again. I like the idea of only having the grip where you need it, a bit like getagrip's new customs. With your darts having that proniunced scallop you are certain to get them gripped in the same spot each time. Here's hoping they fly true for you
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they should work well for you i think. i got on quite well with the phase 2 anderson darts with the scallop. but like you it was not quite in the right place and i was forcing myself to change my grip.

i find that now i am using my new customs with the same grip all along the barrel, it does not matter too much if i grip in a slightly different place as the dart feels exactly the same.
those customs look great. Not my style but they look great! id love a set of madhouse customs but shipping is too much lol
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Nice made darts Danny.
may all the doubles be with you

Just like a kid at Christmas now waiting to get these lol. Our league 'summer' season ended last week but the winter season starts in a couple of weeks so I'll have a good couple of weeks to get used to them. I still can't get over how good the service from Madhouse is though. This time yesterday I hadn't even had the idea for these, yet today they have been made - that is seriously good!!
[Image: tmq2g1Yl.jpg]
Look a lot like some you may recognize Dan just with my modifications done to them. My customs that are in my sig... You will love holding them in the exact same spot every time!!


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