100 darts at 20's
Soft tip
New to darts as of August 2019

2019 stats
180s - 1
Hat tricks - 4

I got a tip from a friend and it seems to be paying off. Last night, I set a personal best with a 15 darter, I upped my Cricket Challenge Score by 1, which I didn't think I would do anytime soon, and then tonight I beat my high score in this challenge by 13 points!!!!

So my score on this challenge is 120. My average 3 dart score was 75.5, I am pretty happy with this improvement.

The tip my friend gave me is....as you throw the dart, picture a parabola from the dart in hand as you are throwing it, release the dart on that same line. The dart travels in a parabola from your hand to the board....the motion of your throw is the start of the parabola....why jerk it up and down or right and left...just keep it on the same line. I have been throwing much straighter since I have started using this method, now thing to watch is the weight of throw...keep that constant keep the line constant and my darts are ending up around the treble 20 quite often now.

Started playing September 2018

Board - Winmau - Blade 5 Dual Core
Best Scoring Set of Darts - Gary Anderson Noir 23g
Other Sets - Wolfram Infinity; a whole bunch of Ando's and MVGs; all Rob Cross;  

Best 501 game - 15 (steel tip - 100, 125, 100, 125, (3-16-D16 - I missed 19 with my first dart - dang-it)); 15 (soft tip) 
Number of 180s - 2018 = 5; 2019 = 19
Highest checkout - 125 (T20 - T11 - D16)


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