Priestley Trebles Practice
Might start doing this.

I just tried the 180 . First was 28 , second was 38 . I think i will continue with this , as i think its just good practice

I just had three attempts on 10 - 20. It went 32, 41, 42. Twice I completely missed, twice I hit 9 :-)

[Image: vIuDDpN.jpg]

And I can see that my pb for 1-25 game is 82 points.
Just tried it and my score was 39, great tip ty!
Tried the Priestley Treble Practice and my score was 45.
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Just tried two rounds, 29 and a 48. It helps with concentration
Great practice drill, I think I’ll be doing this one a lot
Hi all,
Awesome practice routine.Just on question on scoring if you hit doubles do you score it.
Really like this routine, came across this over the weekend have tried it 4 times scoring 34, 31, 28, 38.

Think its a great way to practice moving your aim around the board and is nice and quick to perform. definitely one I will be doing more of!
[Image: 84EIGh2.jpg]
I like the 180 routine, but I count doubles as a miss! Normally they count 2, but I want to concentrate on the trebles and not be rewarded for a wild throw. Wink I count 3 points for the treble, and one for the bed. Highest is 57 with 12 trebles. Sigh.... Loooong way to go....
[Image: 40044213562_88cce74fd0_b.jpg]

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