Drawing dart back to dominant eye
A lot of people that write with their left hand use their right hand for everything else. A friend of mine writes with his left hand but uses his right hand to throw darts and his right foot to play football. Think it's called cross or mixed dominance.
Well I think I am saying something most of us know, but Phil Taylor is left eye dominant and right handed. Also Bobby George.

Now that I think more about this though, have they themselves ever actually said which eye is their dominant eye? Or people just assume based off of their throws?
@Cyanide, i am Cross eye dominant my self, i spent too much thinking about it, to an extend where it really started bugging my mind. There is alot of literature, no 100% proof of how aiming works...I tend to stand perfectly sideways while turning my neck a bit more, so my left eye is somewhat straight line to the bull, but that's about it, nothing Wes Newton like, that i find absolutely impossible / impractical to do. My conclusion was, if i managed to be one of the best shooters in basketball while i was active, then i will be able to shoot darts.

To me its impossible to aim while bringing my hand in line with my left eye, plus it physically hurts. I just think that during the years my brain / eyes / hand learned to adjust well enough. There is alot of players that are cross eye dominant, the most known obviously is Phil Taylor, but so is Bobby George, Wes Newton etc. etc...The only advice i could give is to make / purchase a sighting aid, so you know where is the perfect straight line from your dominant eye to the bull and then see how close you can get to that, without physically hurting.

I also recommend reading this thread: http://www.dartsnutz.net/showthread.php?...light=eyes

P.S. it is not possible to surgically change eye dominance, people claim you can force a switch by covering your eye, e.g. forcing the use of your non-dominant eye. But i couldn't find scientific data about it. It is also proven that eye dominance changes on its own in some cases. In any case i wouldn't risk affecting my eyesight for darts. Plus on the positive side, you always see your target :-)

P.P.S i think that developing a flawless technique is much more important than letting that stuff bug your mind.

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