Can you tell me about these Durro's

Greetings from Finland, got these from flymarket and wondering are these rare?

Well Durro are long out of business so I guess they are rare in that respect but I think I seen some on ebay recently and they sold around £20.

Welcome to the forum too Smile
Thanks, I dont know why the picture isn't showing to me, is it to you?
This I think works ->
nice u want to sell ?
its ok the pic shows, you just need 5 posts or more to view in this section and some others, once you have 5 posts you should be able to see ok Smile
They are an old range Durro type: GX as shown. Nice find mate
may all the doubles be with you

Thanks for fast answers! I think I'm starting to collect darts and so these are not for sale Smile I have just ordered my first bristtle dartboard and these darts. Before this I have had Arachnid English Mark Darts - coin op machine for six months now, great machine but its time to start steeltip darts allso.
(08-26-2015, 07:14 PM)arsipaani Wrote: Only available to view for active members with 5 or more posts click register to join Smile
Cool welcome to the steel tip side and also welcome to collecting Smile

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