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Here's a fun, quick challenge for everyone to try out.  What you want to do is score 25 marks on ANY segment of the board and record how many darts it took to hit 25 marks.

For example, let's say I pick 19's. Scoring 1 for a single, 2 for a double and 3 for a treble.

I hit 3 on my first turn
A 5 mark on my second turn
A 7 mark on my 3rd turn
Another 3 mark
And finally another 7 mark.

That's 25 marks and it took 15 darts to do it. So 15 would be the number to beat.
A perfect score would be 9 darts and yes, it's okay to go over 25 marks if you hit a treble with the last dart. Just remember, least amount of darts to score 25 marks.

I use this to work on scoring and will spend an hour or more doing this challenge over and over on different areas of the board. One after another. It's easy to keep track in your head.

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 Shanesaw 11 @ 20's
 Kev 13 @ 20's
 BigE 14 @ 20's
 TheJug 14 @ 20's
 BlackDog 15 @ 20's
 RVH1991 15 @ 20's
 weswrestle10 16@20's
 Rodney 16 @ 2's
 JayKay 16 @ 20's
 Kadziunt 16 @ 20's
Sharky 17 @ 20's
 Serial 7hriller 17 @ 19's
 Rich345 18 @ 20's
 Dmott 18 @ 20's
 Spartan 19 @ 20's
Copigme 21 @ 20's
 Cyanide 25 @ 25/bull's
 Omp 26@ 20's
 Stalker 28 @ 20's
 Jo$handaz 30 @ 20's
 LegoArmo 30 @ 19's

Ya I need to give this another go. Took me 37 darts at 19's...but would have been about 15 darts at the 7's....Got to go try this again
34 @ 17's... with a 9 mark on the 2's....maybe its just tonight. I will have to try this again maybe tomorrow.
31@19's My most troublesome number---till I aim for another that is..Lol
This is a good drill that makes you focus on the number you pick.

Go for 9 trebles in a row---it can be doneCool
challenge accepted Big Grin

nice challenge will try this tonight
Play like it means nothing when it means everything

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Challenge also accepted. I shall try this with 15s tonight. Wink
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"And the devil did grin; for his darling sin is pride that apes humility." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Just got back into the game. Trying to decide what works for me after a while out!

High checkout: 124 (T20, T14, D11, steeltip)
Best 501 leg: 20 darts
quick go...19@20s
Play like it means nothing when it means everything

[Image: RqGF7IG.png]
gonna try it on the 5's and 1's later, hitting them like crazy the last week or so
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I started at number one and threw to see how many darts it took to hit it 25 times and then thought i'd go to 2 and do the same and so on and here is my scores. As you can see I had some high scores as I think my concentration dropped a little at times and some of them I just seemed to struggle with. It gives me something to work with lol
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