Forum Signatures
Sure, added.
Anything in particular you want in it?
[Image: UcZBCoF.png]
I'm back.

Just returning from a lengthy break from darts and I'm now ready to continue my forum signatures work for the Darts Nutz community.

Lately I've been pretty busy with payed design work and with the loss of inspiration in darts has resulted in my inactivity around the forum lately.
I should have more time to spare from now on.

Since it's been ages, I think it would be best if everyone can reconfirm their requests.

Before I went inactive, I was half way through grips 2nd and I was able to finish it today.
Here's the result:

[Image: getagrip-3.png]
[Image: UcZBCoF.png]
That is top notch! Looks great as always Dave and great to have you back
nice, love the in the corner
Is there any chance I could get one of these?
Of course, just let me know what name and theme you would like. I can even incorporable images.
[Image: UcZBCoF.png]
great sigs mate !! Smile
can you make me one too ?? hehe
I had a request in X2v. Nice to see you back

great job Dave, I love it! Smile
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as usual a great job

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