Voks Design A Darts Winning Darts Review

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AHfooiAFRU

A while ago Voks ran their competition for people to enter their own darts designs. It just so happened that our very own Greg AKA Rebel was the winner! He got 5 sets of darts made to his design and very kindly me sent me a set too. So here they are.

I actually reviewed these a good few weeks ago but only just got round to editing and uploading the review but I remember a lot of people commenting at the time he won that they would like to have a set too, and I think they would make a great dart for a lot of people Smile


The darts came in a Voks box which is a neat design with a kind of flapped lid with a couple of magnets inside to hold in place and a plastic window to show the contents. The barrels were fitted with some short nylon two tone stems and supplied with some slim flights a point protector and mini Voks wallet:

[Image: 1gregdarts24gbox1_zpslzql6kob.jpg]

[Image: 2gregdarts24gbox2_zps5v4tngwa.jpg]


[Image: 3gregdarts24g1_zpsevzab5nm.jpg]

[Image: 4gregdarts24g2_zpsb5aib14y.jpg]

[Image: 5gregdarts24g3_zpsrj98lwxc.jpg]

[Image: 6gregdarts24g4_zpsa2lqumif.jpg]

[Image: 7gregdarts24g5_zpsqyuz3kwt.jpg]

[Image: 8gregdarts24g6_zps19gdvxvn.jpg]

[Image: 9gregdarts24g7_zpsehmx8x3a.jpg]

[Image: 10gregdarts24g8_zpsqfosgnqz.jpg]

[Image: 11gregdarts24g9_zpsvbebc5gl.jpg]

[Image: 12gregdarts24g10_zpsyhsp8ca1.jpg]

[Image: 13gregdarts24garty1_zpsbhgxcrcu.jpg]

[Image: 14gregdarts24garty2_zpsfp0cev5q.jpg]

[Image: 15gregdarts24garty3_zpswelqwzgs.jpg]

[Image: 16gregdarts24garty4_zpsc4lauqii.jpg]

[Image: 17gregdarts24garty5_zpsrxptcich.jpg]

[Image: 18gregdarts24garty6_zpsxbsdjak4.jpg]

[Image: 19gregdarts24garty7_zpsvai8utzq.jpg]

[Image: 20gregdarts24garty8_zps4l00nf6d.jpg]

[Image: 21gregdarts24garty9_zpsfbn0v2tu.jpg]

[Image: 22gregdarts24garty10_zpshw0fppjn.jpg]


[Image: 23gregdarts24gcloseup1_zps87ppshsz.jpg]

[Image: 24gregdarts24gcloseup2_zps8bd83adu.jpg]

[Image: 25gregdarts24gcloseup3_zps5en76snm.jpg]

[Image: 26gregdarts24gcloseup4_zpsmguzx2tz.jpg]

[Image: 27gregdarts24gcloseup5_zps0kxnx4ke.jpg]

The barrels have a very grippy double ring grip which is a high level grip and with a scallop section at the rear which has a medium level kind of flat micro style grip.



[Image: 28gregdarts24glength_zpskntpivzc.jpg]


[Image: 29gregdarts24gwidth_zps0crlnt5r.jpg]

Dimensions in detail:

[Image: 30gregdarts24gdimensions_zpscn36x1wk.jpg]


There is just six hundredths of a gram difference between the lightest and heaviest barrel:

[Image: 31gregdarts24gweight1_zpsx3bicomd.jpg]

[Image: 32gregdarts24gweight2_zpsffal6ypo.jpg]

[Image: 33gregdarts24gweight3_zpsjz2m0ygh.jpg]

Weight with the set up as supplied:

[Image: 34gregdarts24gweight4_zpsqe1qp7et.jpg]


With nothing attached the barrel is front weighted:

[Image: 35gregdarts24gbalance1_zps5pcea92b.jpg]

With the supplied set up it moves a little closer to the centre but still a front weighted bias:

[Image: 36gregdarts24gbalance2_zpsngavtx60.jpg]

Balance with my own medium, short and extra short nylon stems and standard flights:

[Image: 37gregdarts24gbalance3_zpsqycjorbq.jpg]


Was pretty happy gripping near the front with these and it has a slightly chunky feel but a great grip!

[Image: 38gregdarts24gmygrip1_zpsez6l0jot.jpg]

[Image: 39gregdarts24gmygrip2_zpsktmk0yb7.jpg]

[Image: 40gregdarts24gmygrip3_zpssjbm5rqn.jpg]

Darts landed in the board tail up:

[Image: 41gregdarts24ginboard_zpsoqoctx2m.jpg]


I think Greg has come out with a very functional yet great looking design here and Voks have done a great job at making them too.

The double ring grip is very nice but the scallop is as I normally find very comfy to grip but its too far from my natural grip for me.

I think it works well for front grippers and should be great for rear grippers who like a front weighted dart.

Darts felt lighter in my grip that what they should do, I think its because the scallop and the weight bias must be making it so it was closer to the balance point for my grip. I also found for me that when I tried some medium stems they flew a fair deal better, I think it was quite sweet with mediums on. Barrels are a touch longer than I normally like so was a little surprised the mediums worked better but it could be the way it affects the weight balance again.

I did try throwing from the rear scallop but it was just too strange for me, should be great for you natural rear grippers though.

Darts were a little bit zippy through the air with my front grip but on the whole they had a nice stable flight.

So a good dart really and may be one I think we should get made a few more of?

Well done Greg! Smile


Looks: 8 (look good actually)
Grip: 8.5 (on a 1 to 10 Scale, 10 been severe grip)
Weight match: 8 (fairly close)
Quality: 8.5 (good)
Value: 10 (Hey they were free off Greg Tongue )
Suitability for me: 8 (think they felt better to throw with mediums and standard flights for me)

Best Feature: Grip Smile
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[Image: 87L1RR5.png]
I tell ya they meet the qualifications for front,middle and rear grip players. An awesome design by Greg and well made by Voks darts I might add. So Greg where the hell are mine? Once again great review Darren.
[Image: 2e2gdae.jpg]
Look amazing - when are they available ?
Greetings from Cologne, Germany
Cheers! Smile
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[Image: 87L1RR5.png]
Great design REBEL and great review and pictures Darren! They look like they will fit my grip nicely :p
Thanks in advance Greg!
Great review once again Darren - those darts look amazing... Rebel lol

I have only 3 full sets left due to a 'board hanging malfunction' and as these are me match darts I am sorry Edgar but the cookie jar is empty Sad

Hopefully if they prove popular after Darren's review, who knows, maybe we can look at getting a few extra sets - I know I would like a couple more sets in an ideal world Smile
[Image: Adyds3t.jpg]
Are you saying you broke a dart?
Cheers all, yeah I think you should get some more made Smile
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[Image: 87L1RR5.png]
Great looking dart ... MATE!!!

[Image: spvatnD.png]

Darts: 22g Rebel One80 / 22g John Part Golden Hero
Stems: Harrow Magnetic Mediums
Flights: Combat
Board: Blade 4
Board Light: Circumluminator

Highest checkout: 167
Favorite checkout: 125 (50-25-50)
Fave players: Anderson, Wright, Part
Fave double: D16
Fave double in: D20
Best Game: 9 Dart 501

Best Darting Moments: playing John Part at an Exhibition / Being in attendance at World Grand Prix in Dublin 2014

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