Poll: Whats your shirt size?
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1 1.54%
13 20.00%
14 21.54%
17 26.15%
10 15.38%
3 4.62%
6 9.23%
Total 65 vote(s) 100%
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Important Poll: Whats your shirt size?
3XL And proud of it .

Match Darts=Target Darryl Fitton,s® 22g

Back ups= Hmmmmm??? ®

 And..A few sets of spares .®   Rolleyes


Tough to say. Some shirts xl is perfectly fine and comfy. Some, like the target dart shirts 3x is needed to not feel like I'm crammed into a juicer. My back is wrecked so shirts don't fit like they should.

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4xl here,,,,
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(08-08-2015, 06:04 PM)FireStorm Wrote: Are you determining physical profile of darters? Or are you planning to do T Shirt giveaways?

Most darters especially female dart players - are overweight! Any violent reaction?

Silly guy...you in the mood to rumble? :-) Overweight issues are not gene linked to the XX vs XY issue. The only difference I have seen is in the relative speed with which men vs women can drop the weight, and even that is not an across the board thingy.

Shoot darts....more fun than stirring the pot. :-)
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M, as I like my clothes to be loose, and prefer that over making a fashion statement. Erring on the side of comfort, I'd likely go for a large....can always drag out the seam ripper and sewing machine if too big....the reverse is somewhat problematical.
[Image: bIcnxOK.png]
My label says XXXXL.
I had a XXXL shirt before, but it was a little too tight under the armpits for me when throwing
XL for me.
Gee....no small or extra small entries....imagine that....read my report on the Dart USA Classic.

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(08-10-2015, 03:39 PM)Jugger Wrote: "Other"

I don't think they make them in Jugger size Tongue
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