Custom Made Darts
I made a thread about these but thought I'd post this here. They're 18 gram ; 95% tungsten ; length 35mm ; diameter 7.5mm.
They turned out awesome and are exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend MH custom darts.

[Image: 0hI4L71.jpg]
Cracking thinking of designing my own
I suppose this one is regarding "after sales",  My Son has just received his Target Perfect Storm 22g replicas, (slight mods to the grip in the scallop),
After  few hours practise my son said they just didn't "feel right", slippy was how he explained it, so we compared barrels and found that the grooves were not as deep, I contacted Madhouse who without hesitation told us to send them back and they will mod them,

Cant ask for much more eh ???
Match DartsUnicorn Gary Anderson WC, 25g

"Hopefully I`ll get to throw 3 in Heaven before the Devil finds out I`m dead" !

[Image: S2xtmfG.png]

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