How to choose the right darts and setup
This thread is full of useful information. Thanks!
This is a fantastic thread and really useful. Just tried a few different combo's of stems,flights and I think I am close
to the right setup manage 2 in the bull, very happy.

I ended up getting a set of the cheaper darts you mentioned, equivalent to the hitec primals but in 21Gram.

Hope they are OK, I wanted to go down in weight a little from my 24G assasins.
Great post im sitting realising now whats going on with the setups im using and the pieces are coming together! Thx Big Grin
Glad you all find it useful, I wish Dirty G was here to see it Smile
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I just stumbled across this thread. While i'm not exactly a beginner to the game there is some awesome information in this thread that i've never given too much thought to in regards to my darts setup.

+1 from me G.
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This is a great post. Thanks for the great resource and tips.
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great write up thanks for all the helpful information
Great post.
Thanks Wink
Great Advice Thank you

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