Dartsmind - Best Darts Scorer App
(08-09-2015, 01:31 PM)Mr.K Wrote:
(08-09-2015, 10:14 AM)uxkevin Wrote:
(08-03-2015, 06:07 AM)Mr.K Wrote:
Hi Mr.K
New version is released, now the cut-throat scoring is correct.
And the sound effect issue is fixed too.

Hi uxkevin, I used it today and the app is as smooth as it gets with the updates on the present functionalities.

If you are looking to expand the functionality, here's my suggestion
but be warned also very hard to do... hahaha

1) Inputting score by typing in the sum
As mentioned before, it's faster for people who can add.

2) Implement player profiles
This way you can keep track of stats of recurring players.
I know some friends and members alike are obsessed with stats when they are practising.

3) Implement groups or teams.
When playing 5/701 or cricket with many friends, it's easier to divide into teams.
No need to keep track of personal stats here.

I use iphones myself but really jealous of my friends who can use the app called Darts Scoreboard so I am looking forward to the future of Dartsmind!

The advantage of that app are
- only 1 input method : by sum. which is terrible for newbies but fantastic for us who can add.
- they can input players names and teams.

The downside of that app is that they do not track stats.

Thanks so much for your detailed suggestions!
All these functions will be added for sure! Maybe divide into 2 updates.
Now I'm working on the player profiles, all your stats will be saved at server. This version will come in a few weeks.
I just downloaded it and tried it for a second. I love it. I can input each dart instead of the sum of all 3 darts. Love it. If I could add all 3 darts I wouldn't need help. Lol. I think I'll be exploring this more, you Genius you. You're good. You're very good. You. Yea, you.
I'm playing virtual darts on the app. Lol.
(07-28-2015, 10:56 AM)uxkevin Wrote: I have started to practice darts since the end of last year, but found that score and stats calculating was really annoying!
I've tried dozens of scorer Apps(both free and paid) but none can fulfil my needs, So I developed an App myself for all darts lovers!

Dartsmind - Best Darts Scorer App
- Yes! Support iPad!
- support 01Games (Separate Bull, Open In, Double In, Master In, Open Out, Double Out, Master Out)
- support Standard Cricket and Cut-Throat Cricket
- support Count-Up
- average score(PPD/MPR) and key stats will be shown at the end if each leg.

It's FREE, hope you will like it!
You can download on the App Store (just search 'Dartsmind').

[Image: biukrbanner800_1x.png]

I downloaded it to my iPhone 5s. It seems to work fine. I like the straight forward number entry. (Apps that show a dartboard with touch sensitive zones don't work well on phone screens.)

Nice job!
I used the app all night tonight playing teams. It's a great app. This is what I found on a personal level. The contrast in colors makes it hard to see the numbers especially in the single scoring section. I kept having to put on my reading glasses to enter the marks. I think a black background with white number or opposite would be easier to see on an iPhone Kate at night with no spectacles.

I love the app, but being hard to see the numbers will stop us from using it.

Just my two cents.

Thank you.
I searched for this thread to say the very same thing...including the need for reading glasses.

A higher contrast...especially in the single scoring section (but not just there...) to the left would make this more readable, especially from a cell phone.
Maybe alternate colors. 20 Black, 19 Red, 18 Black, etc.
Thanks, I will improve the readability in the next version.
(08-19-2015, 12:09 PM)uxkevin Wrote: Thanks, I will improve the readability in the next version.

I love how proactive you are! Big Grin
good luck to the development, man!
looking forward to the next update !!
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Yup! On the ball! You'll do well.

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