Your darting life so far??
My "darts life" has been a few shortish spells spread over lots of years.
As a young  kid there was often a board up in the garage and some of dads old feathered darts lying around to have a go with now and again.
Started getting the bug properly after leaving school in '84 and regularly visiting local pub. Shan't say how old I was then but rural Northants in the mid 80's was a good time to go out and have a drink and not get questioned about age!!
In fact I'd been playing in a pub team for about a year before Landlord actually asked how old I was. Played down there most nights after starting work cos, quite frankly, there wasn't that much else to do.
Played in a few pub teams til the early 90's, one with some decent county players although I never felt I truly belonged in their team cos they were slightly higher level than my usual play. But generally won as many as I lost though.

Other life stuff took over in the 90's, some good some bad, and for various reasons (including 2 sets of my favourite 80's Cliff Lazarenkos getting pinched) went a long time without playing.

2006 was next major spell when moved to Wiltshire and local pub there was a lot like the old local from the 80's. They had a darts team so started playing league darts again there.
Moved to Bristol 10 years ago and to be honest there's been so much going on I haven't really thought much about darts, and don't think any of my friends here play anyway so it's took a back seat again other than occasional chuck about around 6 years ago.

Happened to watch the BetVictor Masters on itv catch-up recently and that kind of re-kindled the interest. It got me thinking about them old fave darts and could I still throw something ok. So had a look on ebay and bought something similar-ish and today went and bought my first new board in something like 35 years, put it on the wall and had a throw for a few hours.
Have to say "wow" at the Unicorn Eclipse pro 2 board!!! Not one bounce out in 6 hours!! If local pub had one of them back in 80's I'd have never gone home.
Would have been nice to hit a 180 this evening but no, 3rd dart missed on ten 140's and facebook friends getting regular updates!!!
Always tomorrow I guess.
Anyway, so there we are, that's pretty much up to date.
Four score and seven years ago....just joking, my darting life started August 2018 when wife hung an old dartboard (but a nice one) from her parents on the back of our garage for a family picnic. I figured it was odd for a picnic, but what the heck, I goofed around with my dartboard as kid, but we never really played seriously. So I threw a few darts and thought, wow this is pretty fun. So after the picnic I hung the board in our lower level and started throwing even more. Then I found out there was a dart store 15 minutes I went down there one Saturday and I was hooked. So I would say I started playing darts seriously in September 2018.

Within the first couple of months I threw 5 180s (including one in the dart store which led to a purchase, go figure), but I didn't throw my 6th until a few days ago, but my overall scoring is definitely getting better...quite a few 140s and 120+s. So I have mainly been practicing since September, I haven't played in any tournaments yet and really have not played any real games against a legit opponent. However, there is a local tournament every Friday night, so I am building up my confidence to go and play. You can see from my signature what my stats are. There is also a local dart league, but it is on Tuesday nights and that is my golf league no dart league.

One problem that I have had is that I am addicted to buying darts and I have gone through one major grip change, so I went from liking very smooth grips to needing a much more aggressive grip. So I will putting up a few sets for sale once I get to 50 posts. Fortunately, this is a bit of a cheaper hobby than my other past hobbies. I am now having fun mixing and matching different shafts and flights, much cheaper...haha

One thing I like about darts is that you can challenge yourself during practice sessions and by tracking your practice you can see if you are improving or not. However, I am getting pumped about playing against some real competition.

I am looking forward to this journey and I hope to have more exciting stories in the future.

Started playing September 2018

Board - Winmau - Blade 5 Dual Core
Match Darts - Swiss Point SP03 (Supergrip shafts, Retina flights)
Other Sets - a whole bunch of Ando's and almost every set of MVGs.  Too many to list  

Best 501 game - 15 (steel tip - 100, 125, 100, 125, (3-16-D16 - I missed 19 with my first dart - dang-it)); 15 (soft tip) 
Number of 180s - 2018 = 5; 2019 = 32
Highest checkout - 125 (T20 - T11 - D16)

My darting life story echoes many of the stories I have read here. 

It was back probably around 2007 and the neighbour a few doors down would invite my old man and me over to watch NHL playoff hockey. I remember him teaching me a few of the basics of darts during the intermissions. I was still at the point/age where I would only aim for the Double Bull, but as their family was moving out, he gifted me the Nodor board, a dart surround (which I somehow still managed to miss a few times) and a set of darts. To this day I still have no idea what brand or weight they are but I have retired them as I hit my first career 180 with them. 

Over the years the dartboard was set up in the basement with no idea the proper height requirement and oche distance. My buddies and I would use it for unnecessary alcohol consumption wagers. Mainly "hit the 17, if you hit it I drink double" kinda games. I had no accuracy and no real investment in the game as I was often busy with other competitive sports. 

Fast forward a few years to last year and I finally get to shaking the dust and cobwebs off the dartboard. A few of my university buddies threw together a team in order for us to get together more often. We start playing Monday's and mainly go to catch up and enjoy a few libations. I felt bad for the Captain of our team as he played a lot while he was teaching over in England and we were just playing because it was a way to hang out as buddies. Our league is separated into A Division and B Division. Naturally, since we weren't any good, we were placed in the B Division. Surprisingly we had the playoff run of our lives after going .500 in the regular season. 

Sadly, I missed the dramatic finals as I was back at University but excited at the prospect of the team only improving. This year was the final year of my education degree and I was able to spend more time in my hometown where the team plays. I set up a dart board at my student house and practiced like a madman in order to become better. I would spend hours working on doubles. Whether that was due to procrastination or determination I still do not know Wink

I was still playing with the mystery darts from November 2018 to December 2018. My wonderful significant other bought me a set of Harrows Cobalts for Christmas (she is just feeding the addiction eh?!). Practicing while away for school saw my accuracy improve and I began to find my throw. So what did I do with this new found passion? I ended up grabbing a Blade 5, target daytona GTs and the corona lighting system to build the best practice set up in the basement at home. Since New Years I have seen leaps and bounds in my game and I attribute that to studying the game and practicing with intent.
I still need to find my range and calm my nerves in league games but now that I am home permanently I hope to get back into form. Because we won the championship last year we were bumped up to A Division but after having a rough season were relegated to B Division Playoffs this year. Hoping to fix the yips before playoffs and potentially try to experience provincial qualifiers next year if I keep improving.

I thank the wonderful support and knowledge from this forum as it leads me in my dart adventures!
Darts: Harrows Cobalts 22g w/ Target Diamond points
           Target Daytona Fire GT03 24g
Board: Blade 5 - with Target Corona Lighting
Highest Checkout: 170 
So last year I posted that I was an alternate on our team for California State Team Championship. This year I was selected to be on the team for real this time. Had an awesome time! Was my first tournament other than the local blind draws. So much fun. We had a blind Bourbon tasting and blind draw in my hotel room after the first day notice the prize money on the bracket sheet. $10000 paid over 10000 years . Also notice that we didn't finish the games either Cheers![Image: db867ecdfd8892239cf8b3b8746a0c9f.jpg][Image: d08d0943e54feabf55323d71f6d54394.jpg][Image: 265a68c4283d73075cfd8a2748cfb133.jpg][Image: d6ee25b917f37423e15ef75073e98790.jpg][Image: 88550d05b1cb9e381cf56268aa665036.jpg]

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LOL - nice! Tongue
(05-01-2019, 03:50 AM)nixer55 Wrote: LOL - nice!
The next day back at the venue....[Image: 39671e567c32cb609e66a6f851cf688d.jpg]

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Just started playing about 5 months ago... gone thru lots of sets of darts already to find something that actually flies normally threw the air.

I practice about a couple of hours a week at the moment. I Hit 2 180's in a practice match about a month ago and got the buzz!! Can't believe it taken me half my life to find the game of darts It's amazing!

Currently throwing some scalloped customs that now weigh exactly 25g... I love them.
Dartboard: Blade 4 dual core
Started playing: 01/09/2018
180's: 9 (5 in 1st Year)
3 bulls: Once
Best Checkout: 100 (twice)
Best leg: 16 darts (in practice), 22 darts (in a match)


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