Your darting life so far??
LOL - nice! Tongue
(05-01-2019, 03:50 AM)nixer55 Wrote: LOL - nice!
The next day back at the venue....[Image: 39671e567c32cb609e66a6f851cf688d.jpg]

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Just started playing about 5 months ago... gone thru lots of sets of darts already to find something that actually flies normally threw the air.

I practice about a couple of hours a week at the moment. I Hit 2 180's in a practice match about a month ago and got the buzz!! Can't believe it taken me half my life to find the game of darts It's amazing!

Currently throwing some scalloped customs that now weigh exactly 25g... I love them.
Dartboard: Blade 4 dual core
Started playing: 01/09/2018
180's: 4
Best Checkout: 100 (twice)
Best leg: 16 darts (in practice), 23 darts (in a match)


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