Having trouble extending your arm ? Heres help.
Extend that arm - It comes with practice until its part of you.
When I make my mark I can tell it was a perfect throw before the dart leaves my hand just by how good it feels dropping my wrist just so
Great post Big E. I'm trying to improve my consistency and realised that I am stopping my arm short of full extension after release which is causing me to snatch at the dart. Now I am concentrating at keeping my arm going after release. I try to not throw the dart but 'pass' the dart at the board. One trick I've found useful (it sounds silly but bear with me!) but throwing paper balls into a bin. I noticed I always follow through with my arm and also slows down my throwing speed so I'm not 'slamming' the dart. Well it works for me......
[Image: oIDxeLS.png]

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