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Hes just a liar that hoped he would run into some mug. I can not be arsed raising a dispute for a return, i would prefer to keep the darts than lose a few more quid on postage. At the end of the day yes ive received the darts i wanted but thats besides the point. The guys a scumbag and Ive left him terrible feedback so hopefully nobody buys from him again.
Um, I'll keep a look out for suspect deals like this in the future. Not the 1st time I've heard of this kind of thing happening from people I know with other products.
(09-18-2019, 03:46 PM)Entropy92 Wrote:
(09-18-2019, 03:25 PM)nixer55 Wrote: I'd open a dispute with ebay.

Ive never opened a dispute before. Will that just allow me to return the darts, be out of pocket for the postage and have to wait ages for a refund?
Id rather just keep the darts instead of the hassle and give him bad feedback
Open a dispute with Ebay and PayPal. PayPal will give you your money back pretty quick.
I once returned a purchase (not darts) and the seller said he never received it despite Royal Mail have all the evidence he did. He point blank refused to issue a refund so I contacted PayPal and they refunded me within a couple of days.

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Yes I agree always open a case against these people,I did,and ebay refunded me without to much hassle(I used paypal payment).Return the goods and keep receipts of postage,my scammer tried to say he never received the returned goods,unfortunatley for him the returned goods were sitting in the post office awaiting hes collection,and i had proof.

It might be a little hassle,but for your peace of mind,dont let him get away with it.Hes going to be very pissed when he finds out there is a case against him.

Ebay will also read messages from both parties.
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Thanks for the advice but i really cant be arsed with the dispute thing. Ive left negative feedback with a description of what i recieved and reported his other sale of Ricky Evans darts which also uses a stock photo. Ive sent him a couple of messages and even told him his scam has been noted on this website. Hopefully that does the trick and he wont either do it or get away with it again.
He's sold them. Under a false description so eBay will make him pay for the postage if yiu open up a dispute. I've had to open disputes with eBay a couple of times and they're fantastic. You'll be covered.

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Some guy is selling two tickets to the PDC World Championship Final for £450 - the date though is Tuesday 1st January 2019, so the final from 10 months ago!!!
Hahaha i want to hit the " make an offer " button $1 dollar
(10-18-2019, 06:22 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Some guy is selling two tickets to the PDC World Championship Final for £450 - the date though is Tuesday 1st January 2019, so the final from 10 months ago!!!

Wonder if he has any Super Bowl tickets for last year .... Smile
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