Favourite weight of dart?
21g, dont know why just kinda gravitated towards it.
Darts used : 16.5g Monster Soldier Gates

Favorite players : Michael van Gerwen, Gary Anderson, Eric Bristow
20 - 22 grams
I can throw pretty much any weight. I don't care what they weigh as long as they are thin and groupable.

My customs are 20.35 grams.

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16g or less for me Smile Ideal is 14g though.
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Current setup:

Cosmo Juggler Queen 2nd 400 (18g) + One80 Reflex conversion points
Cosmo Carbon #8 locked stem
Cosmo Fit Flight Juggler yellow (ocean design)

High checkout: 124 (T20, T14, D11, steeltip)
Best 501 leg: 20 darts
I think "popular" is more appropriate term than "favorite"
16gr, they dont damage my Viper Specter dartboard

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I've tried a lot of darts from 12-24 grams. But I seem to play best with a dart that weighs 18 grams. That's the entire dart. Almost ALL of my personal best matches or practice game records have been set with an 18 gram dart.
(06-16-2015, 06:23 PM)ReggaeDarts Wrote: Any thing between 10g - 18g. I'm currently throwing 11.5g. I'm modding my Bunting 17g Nano's down to 13g. Getting some 13g customs done from Jochen... I reckon getting some One80 Dragons or Bavarias modded down to 14 is also more than likely. I like a thin Barrel now, but I got to get the Buntings done cos they're Cool as Ice with the Point & Shaft set up I got on 'em. I also need a Barrel length of more than 45mm, but no more than say 48/50mm.

Recap on above.

Never did get the Customs from Jochen. Got some 20g One80 Dragons in a Swap deal on here. So sent them off to be reduced in length & weight to 45mm & 13g respectively.
I´ve always used 26g darts but now when i picked up darts again after a 25 year pause i realized that i enjoy 24 grams aswell. But mainly i prefer 26 grams
21-23g, currently throwing 22g.

Would like to try lower, but haven't seen a barrel I like the look of except Buntings, and if I do that I'd have to go 12g for the experience Smile
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B: 23g   S: Medium   F: Standard   180s: 1/25

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22g - 24g with my two favorite sets being 22g.
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24g - Paul Nicholson's are my go to dart
Anything between 17g and 25g

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