Blues great B.B. King dead
By now many of you that follow news on the net already knew B.B. King was under hospice care as of the last week or so. I just saw he has passed.

One of the all time great blues men of the world and his longevity in his chosen field was legendary with him still touring well into his late 80's.

R.I.P. B.B. King
True legend r.i.p Sad
Play like it means nothing when it means everything

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When i saw that he went into hospice last week I knew the end was near. RIP BB Sad
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Sad....his music sang of life....will be missed.
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He was the best, seen him live many times when he would come to Boston....RIP BB...Sad

RIP, what a bright life he lived
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When I was a young lad I snuck up on stage in Cleveland Ohio and watched him play Lucille. I had no idea who the man really was but his guitar burned something into my soul
RIP King
One of the best ever.

Imagine the jam sessions in the Blues afterlife!

I posted this video to Facebook after I heard he was under hospice care a few weeks ago. I had the pleasure of seeing the man three times. Being a guitar player myself, I have always been amazed at his economy of notes and soul. But, I think I loved hearing him sing even more. When he hits that high note singing Sweet Sixteen it just kills me.

(Bobby Bland) Take your time B. (he always did!) B.B.- "I'm giving it all I got Bob."

Really going to miss this guy. I hate that the money disputes between his family and manager have already started.
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