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I have used DC for over 25 orders over the past few years. They have been good with service and products they supply. As I live in Australia I find the prices cheaper than Australia suppliers and can then justify the 2-4 weeks wait for the products to arrive at a very reasonable shipping price.

The prices at DC are often a bit more expensive than at Pure darts but they do offer a wider range.

3 weeks ago I decided to get some phase 3 curve darts with some MK2 CD grip points. I used DC as pure darts don't have any CD points or any other long grip points, apart from storms. Anyway I decided to use DC instead of splitting up my order to two different vendors and having to pay postage twice. I also took DC up with the free offer of installing the MK2 CD points for free. This was even though the darts were quite a bit cheaper at Pure darts.

When the dart turned up I was very disappointed to find that DC had installed MK4 CD points into the phase 3 dart. I checked the website and the MK2 points had been removed so they must have sold out, but at the time of my order the MK 2 points were in-stock. I would have liked to have been notified of this before DC went ahead and just put in the MK4.

To add to this issue I then noticed that one of the darts flew different, landed a bit odd and didn't look right in the board. When I then rolled the dart on a flat surface without the flight on, I noticed the stem was not square with the barrel. At first I thought the barrel was bent or the stem was bent. After some further investigation I came to the conclusion that the barrel wasn't bent as it rolled okay without a stem on. It looks like the threads in the barrel are elongated due to a possible manufacturing fault, or from the re-pointing of the darts.

Having contacted DC they are blame it on a manufacturing fault. I also found the customer service poor and they came across arrogant. They wouldn't do anything till the darts were returned to them, which would take 2-4 weeks from Australia, they then said they would send some replacement darts with the correct points in them. This would then take another 4-8 weeks for me to get the correct darts with the correct points which I ordered 3 weeks ago. 

When Pure darts sent me some wrong darts by mistake and I contacted them. They sent me the correct darts straight away and refunded me some of my money immediately. They then trusted me to send the wrong darts back, which I did. This is what I call customer service and it also covered my extra cost of sending back the darts.

DC could learn a lot from Pure darts with regard to customer service. I am very disappointed with DC and would look at using any other supplier before them in the future.

Photos below of my barrel and stem issue with the gold phase 3.
[Image: 1phase%203%20bent_zps8xndhlf5.jpg]
[Image: 1phase%203%20bent2_zpseljcgwmw.jpg]
Not to defend DC, but what would you want them to do ? They need to inspect the darts for them selves, before returning it to a manufacturer, so yeah you would need to ship it back...Delivery times do not depend on them at all, it depends on the delivery service YOU pick.

Installing the wrong points in your darts is obviously a nono, so i can very well see why are you upset with that.

Also, there is a huge feedback thread about DC, three posts below.
Found them arrogant aswell
-Did you try different stems to try ?

- you can e-mail the shop and send clear video with different stems to see.

If I had a shop, I would send you a replacement set with correct points after you send proof of posting yours back.
may all the doubles be with you

Reminds me of the issue that Andy Bailey had, he was the guy who started the forum on its original site and he got his darts re-pointed at DC only when he took them out the pack one of the points just fell right out, lol I thought it was funny when he told me but obviously its not funny to have that happen to you, but I don't think he ever got that issue sorted but its hard to say what the problem was with the barrel you have as it could be the thread that has been made off centre or its possible the re-pointing process threw it off a little but I am inclined to think the barrel was tapped wrong at the factory and should have been binned.
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The OP posted the same issue over the road and has been told on there that the repointer that DC use - the Bulls one - does not use the thread when repointing, so any defects or issues with the thread is 100% down to Unicorn and not DC. So why he is still saying it could have been done in the repointing is beyond me.

As far as the points are concerned, if the OP added the correct points to the order then DC should rectify that at no additional cost to the buyer. But the darts would need to be sent back to DC so that they could a) inspect them and send them back to Unicorn, and b) replace them with a new set with the correct points.
Hi Fred-180
I did try several stems as I did think it was a bent stem or a bent barrel at the start.
I then did a video and emailed it to DC, but to be fair the video wasn't too clear.
So I sent some photos like above which showing the stem in the gold dart in 2 different positions, which shows the issue.

Gary from DC replied and he came across arrogant and a know it all, he wouldn't do anything till the darts were sent back to him for examination. He also would not even consider DC at fault in anyway with the re-pointing. To be honest having the wrong points fitted when they cost 4 pounds 50 pence pissed me off, but then to find the problem with the barrel it was just the final straw.

Like I said when I had a issue with some darts from Pure darts, they sent me the correct darts and a refunded straight away after I sent an email and a photo of the issue. DC just come across real arrogantly like they never have issues with anything they do or supply. I think DC should just use an automated reply system for there customer service. It could say "Thanks for the email
Sorry about the problem with the order, but just get over it!" because that is what it feels like.

After several emails to and from Gary I am going to send the darts back and get a refund, but I will still be out of pocket because I will have to pay for postage and packing from Australia. I also told him it was a win win for him, as I will pay for packing and shipping for the darts back, and he just gets them replaced by Unicorn as DC never do anything wrong!
Gary from DC never told me which re-pointing tool they used. If he would have done this, it probably wouldn't have blown this issue up. But to me it looked like the threads in the barrel had been elongated and a re-pointing tool like the A180 re-pointer had not been screwed in fully. But he is just an arrogant bloke who wouldn't even justify why they choose to fit the wrong points!

If there were lots of MK 2 points in stock I would look at it as an honest mistake. But when I checked DC and found the MK2 points I ordered were now out of stock, it looks to me like they have become judge, jury and executioner! You will have these points because because we say you will, and we wont let you know till you open up the package in 3 weeks time!

I may be wrong with all of this, but there is often no smoke without fire! It just looks like a lot of coincidences for me.
Ayup Comrade

Ive always found Wayne & Garry and the rest of the team at DC, to do their upmost to solve any customer problems.


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