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I don't see how this is DC's fault.

Contact Unicorn and let them handle the situation.
(03-13-2016, 10:18 PM)Cyanide Wrote: I don't see how this is DC's fault.

Contact Unicorn and let them handle the situation.


I emailed Lee Parker the Product manager at Unicorn on the 13th March. I have still not got a reply off him a week later! There was also no out of office reply, so I don't think he is on annual leave. I have therefore been given the only option of returning the darts to Darts Corner.

Would have liked to have heard from Unicorn, to see if they have had any similar issues. But I believe 1 week is more than ample time to reply.
I always order from them, although I live in Germany. Shipping needs around a week, but they are a lot cheaper than any german shop. Never had any bad experiences.
Great shop in my opinion.
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Last time I ordered on a monday, decided to try the fast dispatch option, completely unexpected the package arrived already on thursday!
Placed order on March 14h for various accessories, just to give them a try (usually order from Pure or A180) received order yesterday (April 6th - 24 days) in the post. Came as ordered. Didn't have the discount until after order was placed and neglected to grab some of the freebies you get...

May order again to see if the freebies are worth it, the discount makes it closer to the others pricing and delivery would improve

Ten days ago I ordered a few shafts and flights from them.
Wanted one set of the new Pro Grip Intermediate length. Than I got an E-Mail, which said that they were out of stock and asked if I wanna wait or choose another product. I switched to One80 ProPlast Stems. They said they would include two sets of them, so one set for free. Really nice customer service.

Today the package arrived and inside were two sets of the ProGrip shafts I wanted at first.

It's very nice, but maybe not the best communication.
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Winmau - Andy Fordham SE
Could be a late shipment arrived. We have stock in 3 places in our store. Retail, Warehouse, and Tournament. Could be they found stock before your order shipped and took care of you.
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I have purchased form Darts Corner 5 times now and each time received the correct items and within the time frame listed on their website.  Considering I am in the USA and receive the items in under 2 weeks means they are doing something right.  I have only had good service from them, so for me it has worked out.

I have also ordered from dartnutz supported vendors and also received good service with no problems.  I will continue to purchase my dart supplies from any vendor who gives good service, and Dart Corner is one of those who have given me confidence when placing an order online.
Once in a while I'll buy an old set of copper tungstens off of UK eBay, and those folks usually won't ship to the US. So I have the darts sent to DC, where they fit Storm points and then ship to me. I'll usually stock up on flights and stems at the same time. I started out doing this with a DN sponsor, but after an instance of weird communication, slow turnaround, subpar work, and expensive shipping, I found DC to be much faster and cheaper and their work has been perfect every time.

And speaking of (nylon) stems, DC is the only vendor I've found who can reliably tell the difference between "natural" and "white."
26's so far this year: I've already lost count. :-)

I ordered a new set on April 6. with standard shipping. I got it on April 12.  :cool1:

Clean page, usable system and good packaging! I'm very satisfied! Smile

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I use them a lot, currently awaiting the next shipment Wink

Like the store a lot.
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Ordered and paid on Feb. 17, shipped on Feb. 18 and it still hasn't arrived. Not impressed at all.
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(04-18-2016, 09:07 PM)Shanesaw Wrote: Ordered and paid on Feb. 17, shipped on Feb. 18 and it still hasn't arrived.  Not impressed at all.

To be fair, if they shipped it the next day it's kinda out of their hands and not their fault it hasn't arrived yet.

As for me: Seems the packages keep arriving faster and faster Big Grin ordered on a saturday, arrived on wednesday. Great service as always.
Rule of thumb with any UK shop it seems...

Live in the UK and buy from DC... seems like they magically beam it to you and you get your stuff the next day

Live in the USA and buy from DC... expect to wait about 9 days on average

Live in Canada and buy from DC... roll the dice and hope for the best

I've bought from them ONCE in my life. Deals were too good to pass up. Excellent communication. Got an email when order shipped. Took about 9 days to be in my hands. Packaged nicely. I really couldn't ask for anything better.
Received 3-4 orders from DC now. First one took about 5-6 working days to arrive. Second one 4-5 working days. Great packaging, ans fast shipment. For example: orderes on Monday> Tuesday morning order status changed to processing, Tuesday in the afternoon 4-5pm order changed to dispatched. Couldn't be more satisfied.
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