DIY dart practice rings
I've actually got a couple of sets of the Eric bristow ones when they first came out signed by Eric himself - they are not for sale at any price before anyone asks, especially now that he has passed away

[Image: qsBI7fZ.jpg]

That's the bragging done lol, now to the real reason for this post Smile

As well as the plastic rings - which you can make yourself cutting out paper circles or using any other circular object that comes to hand - they also included some progress charts as follows - this pic should be the correct size to print out on a sheet of A4, you just need to cut it out

[Image: 90S0rl9.png]

The following are pics of the instruction leaflet which came with the smaller pack in the first pic, but will give you an idea how to use the rings and progress charts:

[Image: NEGs2i9.jpg]

[Image: XFVn3wJ.jpg]

[Image: rll5jXl.jpg]

As I say you can make the rings out of whatever household object you desire, and print out some copies of the progress chart, and along with the instruction leaflet you have your very own set of practice rings.

Hope this post helps anyone thinking of trying these Smile
Nice one Munchie
Peter Wright now has a set of these rings for sale that looks really familiar!!
good tip
(03-24-2015, 08:29 PM)guest2 Wrote: Have those patented before Target steals your idea! Smile

Nice one!

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