DIY dart practice rings
Brilliant idea.
Defnitely gonna try that
+1 from me
Great idea, Will definately be trying this out.
I found a cheaper more effective way to make practice rings. Involves a compass with a blade attachment. (probably you can get this at your local craft store) and plain printing paper from your. I use the blade to cut out circles to almost any size I need (I believe the circle cutter can only go to about 3 inch diameter) and attach it to the board with toothpicks (the pointy end broken off).

I find this works well as I can recycle paper from old printouts and if my darts pierce through the paper too many times, it won't matter too much and this will also clearly tell you how much you missed.

Of course we could get creative and use different colors for different sizes too.

Nice idea Ron!!! I just bought some myself now [Image: smile.gif]
Awesome Idea!!
I may have a cheaper solution.

I use pieces of card stock. you know, the thicker papers that you can find at any handicraft store or even regular pieces of paper.

Use a compass and you can scribe almost any size you like and offset to any thickness you like. You won't get the problem of bounce out because you dart will just pierce the paper. after too many holes, simply throw the paper away and stick on a new piece.

to replace the pins, I use toothpicks. it won't hurt the board to as it would be almost the same thickness as a dart point.

Hope it helps somebody's game. sure did for mine....

Thanks Tony! Smile
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great idea, defiantly going to try this  Big Grin
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wow... thanks a lot.. it very good idwa
Nice project!

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