DIY dart practice rings
I've been having some problem lately with both the double and trip 18. I was working on my flight school grouping drills and decided to reread my material from George. I decided that for some reason my minds eye just was not zeroing into a spot to concentrate on. I started looking to buy some practice rings but saw how expensive they were and decided to make my own.
So I wish to share this little DIY project that works.

I went to my local walmart store and in the women's hair care section I found a pkg. of brightly colored elastic scruncies that the girls use to tie their hair into a ponytail. Cost $1.00

[Image: image.jpg2_zps0lltiwvu.jpg]

I left one the same size just off the card (yellow) and took another (pink) and cut it.
I then cut a small piece of heat shrink tube and put over the end and then pinned It to a wine cork ,wrapping the other end around the cork and back through. This makes it the smaller size of a dime or nickel. Using a hair dryer I shrunk the heat shrink tubing and trimmed the excess elastic with a razor knife. I have also done this using a small piece of tape in place of the heat shrink tubing. It seems to work just as well.

[Image: image.jpg4_zpsumaktqzr.jpg]

[Image: image.jpg3_zps7bmdd0wp.jpg]

Next I took 2 pins from my wife sewing kit and cut them on a slant about halfway. These I use to hold my rings in place on the board without damage to the board.

[Image: image.jpg5_zpsgxgukz2v.jpg]

I then pin them where I want on my board and practice. I have to say they have helped me . It seems my eye has something it can focus on and So far they have lasted 10 practice sessions and very cheap.

[Image: image.jpg6_zpsottutcua.jpg]

[Image: image.jpg8_zpsi2d1k1fp.jpg]
[Image: Munchie.png]
Have those patented before Target steals your idea! Smile
Great idea! Gonna give it a go
I was using metal notebook binder rings. But, not only is this a better solution, it may be the perfect solution. Good thinking going on up in here. I am going to try this, so plus +1 on ya. I have been having trouble with T18 and T16, they be killing me (more so than the others), don't know what it is about those numbers.
[Image: BJ8F7UG.png]

Thunk, thunk, thunk, walk, chalk, pull, turn, walk, turn, repeat...

This is a great idea! Looks like my daughter is going to be missing a few hair-ties, although judging by how many I find all over the house, that won't be an issue.
Trust the wife to only use black ones!! Gonna look a bit dodgy buyin some tomorrow
I've been using this same solution for awhile and it's brilliant, although I've not cut them down and at my skill-level it's not needed.

I was just about to pull the trigger on the bristow practice rings when these bright-coloured hair-thingies caught my eye and they were money well spent. What's really good about them as well is that the dartpoints go through them without causing real damage.
Love it...I have practice rings..These are softer, and if hit, won't deflect or be an issue...because they arent hard! Great idea...they come in different sizes too...I'vebought them in various sizes. Plan on buying some real soon and chucking those rings!!!
[Image: bIcnxOK.png]
Excellent post. + 1. All the colors, flexible so no bounce outs, you can shape em ,can make them any size. Great ingenious idea.
Nice one Munchie. I would say these would work out better than a set of practice rings. +1 to you
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