How the Pro's Grip their Darts
(05-15-2013, 02:46 PM)rockettman Wrote: Andy fordham

Well that's amazing! Mine is just about exactly the same as Andy's and i throw the Viking RaidersSmile

Just need to up my beer intake nowBig Grin
(11-03-2013, 03:55 PM)!!!ANIMAL!!! Wrote: Adrian Lewis

Great Pic of Adrian Lewis's grip...his thumb is on the stem...I hold the dart on back dart/stem as ive always felt more comfortable that way but always thought I should be holding all dart. But like someone said all grips are different.
(11-03-2013, 04:22 PM)DIRTY G Wrote: find it interesting that we all get hung up on how we grip when we SET our shot, but in most cases the grip changes as we draw back. there for shouldnt that be the grip we start with?

True for me.
My grip probably changes every dart to be honest.
But experience teaches you how to deal with that and you make subtle changes to your throw as the feel of your grip adjusts to the different conditions you play in. Hot is always better for me. Cold fingers don't work for me.
I admire people who can hold the dart with certain grip and can throw from start to release but it's not me.
Sometimes i roll it in my fingers on the backstroke and sometimes i don't.
It's feel for me.
James Wade`s Grip

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This thread is golddust. So difficult to ever find info or quality images on the grip.

As many have mentioned, the common perception is to pick up the dart and feel comfortable, then it should work. I think there is a obviously some truth in this, but I also think there are issues holding the darts in your fingertips only. Rather than, as the vast majority of pros do, avoid using the fingertip of the index finger. Instead using it as the steering wheel I guess.

I fully agree that players should always use what works, why wouldn't you? But I'd also add that, for me, when it isn't working, over a period of time, then the grip is the main cause. Slipping. Pushing. Pulling. Flicking. Lack of consistency. All sorts!
what happened to the pics?
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A really great friend of mine was a great player. He started changing his grip to mimic his favorite player. After months he got okay with the grip then tried to go back to his original grip and totally lost it. He ruined his game.
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(04-03-2016, 06:26 PM)TNSIN Wrote: A really great friend of mine was a great player. He started changing his grip to mimic his favorite player. After months he got okay with the grip then tried to go back to his original grip and totally lost it. He ruined his game.

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I saw this thread yesterday and never realised how many players avoid using the index fingertip. Against my better judgement I tried changing from fingertip to inside the first knuckle joint. I was expecting the darts to be hitting the cabinet doors but was pleasantly surprised when they landed well.
I played 7 legs of 501 against the no.4 trainer on Prodarter and ended up with an average of 56 which is the same as my normal average! Decision time as to whether to keep the new grip
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Lately I've been looking at the grips of the pros and the only one which feels even remotely natural is the one I saw from Martin Adams. I tried the James Wade and Adrian Lewis grips and my throws were so off-target that if I told you where they landed, at least half of you would call me a liar. Let's just put it this way: Using my natural grip I recently tried 20g Nicholsons (which, other than scalloped darts, are the closest thing to an "all wrong" dart for me in length, width, weight and barrel design), couldn't hit anything but 12s (lightly seasoned with some 9s here and there), and those throws were MVG-like compared to my attempts with the Wade and Lewis grips.

(My natural grip is just about identical to the one you see in Darren's reviews, only left-handed, which is why I'm partial to shorter barrels and darts which are best suited for front grip.)

The only upside to not being able to grip like the guys pictured in this thread is that if I ever adopted such a grip, every set of darts I currently own would be all wrong for me. I'd certainly consider starting from scratch if I thought I would significantly improve, bu I can't say I relish the thought.


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