Shows us your motorbike and rides
myself and my son (only going walking pace down the garden so no giving out about no helmets and having him on it etc)
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Not a pic of me riding but nice pic of bikes all the same(just after i cleaned them)

And the youngfella starting what he calls his bike

And finally,happy out after starting it
180's in 2016 so far - 29
180's in 2015 . - 119

Highest out this year. - 117
Highest out 2015  - 170

Highest Checkout - Practice 170,Match 152

Best 501 - Practice 10 darts,Match 13 darts

Darts used - Red dragon Invicta 97
(03-10-2015, 10:59 PM)181-3dartout Wrote: i am way to old to ride on 2 wheels
[Image: GetSignature.ashx?id=359]
This was from a long time ago!
I didn't have any good pics on my phone but will take some later, the garage is a bit of a mess right now lol

From left to right,

2013 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited 110th Anniversary Edition

2014 Harley Davidson Street Bob

2009 Honda 1300 VTX

[Image: 03ED5EBA-F7DD-4899-9923-B1310B4E841D.jpg]

Also my winter/work ride lol

2009 Yamaha Grizzly 700

[Image: 907836BF-40BC-4389-809E-A60A1705C813_1.jpg]
[Image: DPwTt6q.png]
Shane u swap tha atv for my unicorn adrian lewis darts? ^^ hahaha Awesome gear u got there i love the street bob harley
Old C63 :

[Image: 0ceuy1u.jpg]

Ended up getting another one but a coupe!

[Image: wrJiW1Sl.jpg]

Both Together:

[Image: qufAxDf.jpg]

C63 Coupe with wheels :

[Image: spQBul.jpg]

[Image: XDoD6vql.jpg]

[Image: WehETOxl.jpg]

[Image: nZQc4q]

E Class Convertible :

[Image: sniysl.jpg]

GTI and my Diavel :

[Image: NhVctl.jpg]

Some wheels on the GTI:

[Image: rzuzWPkl.jpg]

For Motorcycles:

My track toy (Ninja 250 with Ohlin suspension)

[Image: NdfsQQKl.jpg]

Ducati Diavel Carbon

[Image: ECvyP6W.jpg]

Monster 696

[Image: LyaGqYX.jpg]

All of them together:

[Image: na9iI3i.jpg]

Towing babies down to the track!

[Image: HVkSq3b.jpg]
My old beauty, would love another one! Great bike

Vespa PX125E 1985

[Image: D3405231-B6CC-42F3-8EF2-66CF9212301E_zps11j8zprf.png]
Here's a couple of my current and previous rides.

Ford Falcon XR6

[Image: P1020533.jpg]

Ford Mondeo XR5
[Image: IMG_1681.jpg]

Ford Focus XR5
[Image: IMG_0413.jpg]

[Image: 8F267FFE-8D62-4890-B565-63FE357456B5.jpg]

Ford Falcon Ute
[Image: IMG_0901.jpg]

Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo
[Image: A5E88B5C-A9C8-4A99-8E8D-F20D2CB5C2BA-225...6BD69E.jpg]
Gary Anderson 2015 Phase 3 - 23g
2015 180's -133
2016 180s - 23/150
Best leg 11 Darts : 140 - 180 - 121 - S20 D20 (136.63 avg)
Best peg - 134 (T20-T18-D10)
I so wish we had the bikes available in the UK.

I so want a motorcycle just for the city/fooling around in town.
I don't want a powerhouse by any means...just a lightweight bikes that loves to be tossed around.

Some I sooooo want....

Honda CBR 250 RR (not the R...the RR that Americans never got)
The 20,000rpm redline version.

Honda VFR400 (NC30)
Honda RVF400 (NC35)

And of course the 2 strokes...

Honda NSR 250 (MC21 or 28)
Suzuki RGV Gamma


America gets totally shafted if you want a fun a bike with less than 400cc. Not everyone wants a freeway rocket....some people just want a fun lightweight toy to hit the low speed twisties or run errands around town on a nice day.

JMK420 = I'm 100% willing to bet you're Chinese. Smile

I saw the nice Mercedes and being from Vancouver...there was no other thought in my head. Smile

Being from Seattle I grew up in the import scene since the late 90's. I was the only white non-Asian kid in my group of friends. We were all doing Honda engine swaps and other crazy stuff (it was wild back then...remember, this was 15 years ago).

I had a CRX with a built B18C Integra motor and Blitz individual throttle bodies and then later a EG Civic hatchback...and this was in 2001. I just came across a Mugen and Sparco Racing (Japanese wheel company) in storage from the late 90s...brought back memories.

Now all of my friends have moved onto Lexus/MB/Audis...I drive a Lexus/Toyota Landcruiser FJZ80...the last of the real Land Cruisers with straight axles front/rear.
I'm taking a break from crazy cars for awhile.

Next on my list will be an early 70s Porsche 911E, mid 80s Porsche 930, or a mid 60's Alfa Romeo 1300 JR.

My last few fun cars before going into mature mode were.....

1993 Porsche 964 C2
The last pf the air cooled that still looked like a classic Porsche. I miss that car.

Stock except for Wong chip and FVD Brombacher race exhaust

Broken link(s) removed

1973 Datsun 240Z (Longchamp Xr4 wheels, 280Z block with 3.1 stroker kit, triple 44mm Mikuni sidedrafts, custom coilovers, tons of other stuff...)

Broken link(s) removed

1992 Miata...full roll cage, Tein RA, crazy low.
This was 5 years back...before the crazy slammed movement like today.

Broken link(s) removed
very nice rides everyone Smile
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