Wez Newton Maestro Golden 22g darts review
These are available to buy for £33.60 at Puredarts: click here

They are 90% tungsten with the gold titanium coating.

They come in the standard Unicorn plastic packaging:

[Image: newtongold22g1_zps40679055.jpg]
supplied with the Eclipse max case, 8 flight protectors and alloy shafts and Wez Newton signature flights in standard shape:
[Image: newtongold22g2_zps408a3fef.jpg]
They are a nice slim dart that look nice in the gold ti coating:
[Image: newtongold22g3_zpsfc3ed3d3.jpg]

[Image: newtongold22g4_zpsdb190f05.jpg]

[Image: newtongold22g5_zpsc668f4f4.jpg]

[Image: newtongold22g6_zpsae4ba146.jpg]

[Image: newtongold22g7_zps43744692.jpg]
They have a slim cut ringed barrel with a tapered nose and the grip is almost to the very end of the barrel. I would say the grip is a little above medium level and its uniform pretty much most of the barrel, same thickness save for the front tapered nose.

Barrels are closely matched for weight:

[Image: newtongold22g8_zps30fa4584.jpg]

[Image: newtongold22g9_zps66c0625f.jpg]

[Image: newtongold22g91_zps4a5f0a7d.jpg]

weight of full setup:

[Image: newtongold22g92_zps43c0a682.jpg]
[Image: newtongold22g93_zps1a17840e.jpg]

[Image: newtongold22g94_zpsc79c2ef0.jpg]
Balance point with medium, short and extra short shafts:

[Image: newtongold22g95_zps1052a301.jpg]
My grip with these darts:
[Image: newtongold22g96_zps04fff7b3.jpg]
I think these darts worked best for me using short stems as the barrel length is almost 52mm long and I think they were better balanced with my front grip with the short stems. The grip feels more grippy than you may think and its a slim dart. I don't think they quite suited my slightly loopy style of throw so could be better suited to people who throw flatter as they seemed to fly quite flat naturally.

They are a centre balanced dart so could be more suited to people who like to grip near the centre or just above centre.

I don't like the alloy stems supplied with most of the darts to be honest and I think if manufacturers include them with their darts it would be nice to add some rubber "O" rings to aid in keeping them tightened on the barrels.

Apart from that they are a nice dart but did not really suit me.

Think I will give these 8/10
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as always.. One heck of a good review..
[Image: donkey.png]

[Image: DODLCOMPETITOR1_zpsff2d8071.png]
Excellent review, as always, Grip!

One question:
How is the grip on the Newtons in relation to the gold Hamiltons? You did a great review on them a little while back.
I have a set of the Hamos and really like the level of grip and the "warm" feel of the gold titanium coating. They fly just a bit squirrelly for me, and I would love to try the same grip type on a straight barrel.

At first glance, they look like a long, slim set of Hamos, and that would be perfect!
thanks guys.Smile

John, from what I remember the grip is very similar to the Hamos, of course the thickness of the barrel will make it feel different in the fingers but the actually grip is almost identical.Wink
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Rotty has a set of these and I had a throw with them at league one night, very nice dart indeed.
[Image: e4ffe4e8.png]

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great review grip. That's actually a really good looking dart. Too much for me to be spending right now though.
[Image: signat10.png]
[Image: WCWx1_zps1d135da1.png]

Hey grip, fancy a swap? Wink
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if there anything like my taylor 24g world champion or i will put it this way if your only buying for the gold finish then dont it dosent last that long if proof look at page four on the buy swap sell thread they are agood dart but the gold is sh..
[Image: nCX6gbi.png]
I think they all wear but I like the feel of Gold Ti, now if they could make the coating last longer then that would be great or maybe they should offer a re-coating service for a small fee?
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