RVB 3001 Challenge
This is a game from Raymond van Barneveld.

Take out 3001 in the least darts with a double finish

RVB always tries in 30 turns/90 darts what 100 is average. This game requires a lot of concentration so grab the time for this challenge

Have fun with the challenge

Shanesaw 89 darts
Cyanide97 darts
djb101 darts
Cotsworlddave111 darts
Spartan120 darts
Rodney120 darts
Crusher17127 darts
Black Dog129 darts
heywood131 darts
Dan Woodward139 darts
Beacon_darts152 darts
BigCountry22159 darts
RyanS180162 darts
Fulton27166 darts
Just need sixteen 180's then 121 out

51 darter, here I come. Smile
52 Angry missed with the last dart. Tongue

If my maths right I think doing it in 100 or less might be possible.
Thanks rvh1991 I like this one. Gonna have a go tomorrow
Go get em' guys. i don't have enough time in my life to do this one
198 Darts, takes a while! LOL
(05-03-2015, 12:42 AM)Fulton27 Wrote: 198 Darts, takes a while! LOL

That's what it takes me to do 301.....LolLol:dartsthrow:
(05-03-2015, 12:42 AM)Fulton27 Wrote: 198 Darts, takes a while! LOL

It took 228 darts....LolLolLol
[Image: 17176523717_6bd4a73c49_c.jpg]

142 darts, I had previously done this before and had 158 twice so it's an improvement lol
[Image: 15772798406_680313104f_c.jpg]

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I'm gonna try this tomorrow it seems good fun

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