Bulls Fighter Udin 18g darts review

Video link = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtQTfCGDSUY&feature=youtu.be

Here I have another set of Bulls Fighter soft tip darts to review.

Got to say once again that the quality of the darts is fantastic! Another perfectly weighted set!

Well lets get on with the review Smile

As I said before Bulls Fighter is a Korean company and the darts are made there to a very high standard. I believe this particular model is a player endorsed one. https://www.bullsfighter.com/

The darts retail for around 118,000 Wan which is around £67.

They are 18g and 90% tungsten.


The darts are all packed in these very neat little boxes with the barrels, tweenie stems and standard flights all neatly placed in a foam insert which sits inside a slide out tray. They are already fitted with some soft tips and each box has a label with the model name and its dimensions stuck on the box. I think they may have updated the packaging recently though, so they may not come in this if you buy some.

[Image: 1bfudi18gbox1_zps3ax8g9bs.jpg]

[Image: 2bfudi18gbox2_zps1iq7omcq.jpg]

[Image: 3bfudi18gbox3_zpsxhk7dq8n.jpg]

[Image: 4bfudi18gbox4_zpsht8ilvgo.jpg]

[Image: 5bfudi18gbox5_zpshkj2pz2c.jpg]


[Image: 6bfudi18g1_zpsuv2m2szw.jpg]

[Image: 7bfudi18g2_zps2fzpthba.jpg]

[Image: 8bfudi18g3_zpsmjz2cwkw.jpg]

[Image: 9bfudi18g4_zps7ri1ob9i.jpg]

[Image: 10bfudi18g5_zpshkby5wgv.jpg]

[Image: 11bfudi18g6_zpsjg7wnopi.jpg]

[Image: 12bfudi18g7_zpsd1xcuz2z.jpg]

[Image: 13bfudi18g8_zpsc3x4h6jb.jpg]

[Image: 14bfudi18g9_zps1cpvgcjr.jpg]

[Image: 15bfudi18g10_zpsqtspsl94.jpg]

[Image: 16bfudi18garty2_zpspaivnsp3.jpg]

[Image: 17bfudi18garty3_zpsbdmo9fw1.jpg]

[Image: 18bfudi18garty4_zpsxgksidqs.jpg]

[Image: 19bfudi18garty5_zps61g4ebtt.jpg]

[Image: 20bfudi18garty6_zpsuaootbhn.jpg]

[Image: 21bfudi18garty7_zps6fayg66y.jpg]

[Image: 22bfudi18garty8_zps3boekd6g.jpg]

[Image: 23bfudi18garty9_zps5uuptvxv.jpg]

[Image: 24bfudi18garty10_zps6whlw21e.jpg]

[Image: 25bfudi18garty11_zpshkqeykrr.jpg]


[Image: 26bfudi18gcloseup1_zpsmcemgyno.jpg]

[Image: 27bfudi18gcloseup2_zpsflf6ygwl.jpg]

[Image: 28bfudi18gcloseup3_zpsowxa8blo.jpg]

[Image: 29bfudi18gcloseup4_zps9bxwwc74.jpg]

Once again the Bulls fighter darts have a beautifully machined barrel and quite a high polish to the tungsten which oozes quality. Again though the grip and barrel design looks set for rear grippers. The grip at the rear of the barrel is a very edgy thin ring grip with wide spaces in between and deep grooves where the rings are closest, I would say its a high level of grip there. The front is mostly smooth save for the notches and small groove near the nose.



Only a short barrel but kind of looks longer than it is really.

[Image: 30bfudi18glength_zpsfdh6xxog.jpg]


[Image: 31bfudi18gwidth_zpstdlv3had.jpg]

Detailed Dimensions:

[Image: 32bfudi18gdimensions_zpsup3omiy7.jpg]


Another perfectly matched set from Bulls Fighter, Awesome! Smile

[Image: 33bfudi18gweight1_zpsuuipugss.jpg]

[Image: 34bfudi18gweight2_zpszyq4maqe.jpg]

[Image: 35bfudi18gweight3_zpsyuifktgj.jpg]

Weight of full set up as supplied:

[Image: 36bfudi18gweight4_zpsnudcnu0h.jpg]


With just the tips attached the balance was just about the centre on the band with the round indentations:

[Image: 37bfudi18gbalance1_zpshnvhxy5y.jpg]

With the supplied set up the balance moved a little to the rear:

[Image: 38bfudi18gbalance2_zps7a3hjyio.jpg]

Balance with my own medium, short and extra short nylon stems and standard flights:

[Image: 39bfudi18gbalance3_zps2irdzlkr.jpg]


I felt most comfortable gripping these around the band with the indentations, it felt nicely balanced there for me. Gripping right near the front did not feel right with these for some reason, just was not balanced as good.

[Image: 40bfudi18gmygrip1_zpsqsbpv0r0.jpg]

[Image: 41bfudi18gmygrip2_zpsa3a97r10.jpg]


[Image: 42bfudi18greversed_zpshnmajkaa.jpg]


Another very impressive set of darts from Bulls which again is very nicely machined, but my only reservation is another set geared up for rear gripper :s

Thankfully for me I felt quite comfortable gripping the dart around the centre and they actually flew very well in spite of it not been where I would automatically and naturally grip it, I think it was comfortable simply because the barrel is not particularly long. Even hit a hat trick with them so cant be too bad Smile

Machining of the barrels is once again done to a very high standard and this is the second Bulls Fighter set I have had out of 3 sets that have been perfectly matched in weight! Smile

I still they would likely suit a rear gripper best but should also be very good for middle grippers.

Not sure what the tips are on these but they seemed to work well until I strangely broke one in the board, was quite weird as I did not even notice until I had my next throw, then I realised the tip felt a little strange and found the broken tip was stuck in the board, I did a little Slow - Mo replay of it in the video, tip is still stuck fast in the board too, so I will have to get something to remove it Rolleyes

Darts are very nicely balanced from the middle and I did have a try holding at the rear which was not too bad but just that little bit too unnatural for me.

Overall a very nicely made dart which I think rear gripper will love the most Smile


Looks: 9 (very nice)
Grip: 8.5 (on a 1 to 10 Scale, 10 been severe grip)
Weight match: 10 (Perfect!)
Quality: 9.5 (great quality)
Value: 8 (not cheap but such nice darts)
Suitability for me: 7 (flew nice from the middle but I think they are more for rear grippers)

Best Feature: Quality darts Smile
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[Image: 87L1RR5.png]
Nice review Darren - Nicely made darts but not for me because like u said its a rear gripper and I'm a middle to front gripper. Also I feel the price is Way out of line IMO .
Cheers Larry, I think the price is about what is in line with a lot of the Asian brands, can not understand where the higher priced trend started from or why but I think in a lot of cases you are paying for a great quality dart but like we say many times in this argument on price you can throw a £10 set just as well I suppose?
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[Image: 87L1RR5.png]
Yeah that price is around the same as Cosmo darts.

Too high for a much lesser known company.

They do look fantastic though. Does bulls flighter make steel tip?
I think they have plans to make some steel tips
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[Image: 87L1RR5.png]
They are lovely darts for sure.

I'm not keen on the company name though. At first I thought it was a new line from Bull's... then I thgouth they were an anti Bull's company?

Weird... though still not as bad as XQMax

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