Question for the American members - Super Bowl related
Basically I was in America in 2011 and bought a jacket that commemorated the 2011 Super Bowl (pics below). Can't recall how much I paid for it now, and it is padded and a very warm jacket. Problem is I never wear it and it just sits in a cupboard. Does anyone know if this is desirable at all and how much it might be worth??

[Image: 58D2E064-9D8A-44C7-BC31-318843EE7263_zpsn5ujbzug.jpg]
[Image: 83D93D37-FB8E-4D05-8131-48C10914951D_zpss4xvgnvn.jpg]
[Image: tmq2g1Yl.jpg]

Maybe hang on to it. Older = $$$$
What Reg says; hang on to it, Danny.
Checked e-bay and cloth jackets similar to this are going from $50 and up and Leather ones are in the $125-170 range. I agree, hand on to it.
hang on to it.
I'll trade you a full pair (2) socks for it Tongue
Put it in a plastic bag and hang it up ,, it will only increase in value,,,
[Image: w3A1Oz5.gif]
wear it
if anybody asks . tell themCool "i was the kicker" (nobody remembers who the kicker was)
might get you a free drink
sorry i dont think it will ever be worth big money, unless it was game worn
bring it out once a year to watch the game
you count 180's
i'm counting money


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