Doubles routine- Vid
(03-07-2016, 10:22 PM)*Saber* Wrote: Thump

Good drill Larry/Saber.

It's the more expanded version of a drill i do that i call "Zeno's 5 Step" (D16, D8, D4, D2, D1) named after Zeno's paradox.

if i miss a double on a turn, I go to Bull and if i can get 50 pts (i.e. bull, or 2x25) i get to "save" my progress and go back to the double i was aiming for before.  if i miss getting 50 on bull i go back one step.

Full disclosure, i'm a noob and i've only finished it twice, but it's damn good practice, and like you say, these numbers "reduce" nicely.

like tops and tens (and fives)

nice zombie thread bump   Big Grin
I never thought I'd be so adept at subtracting 26 from any number....
If you don't practice your doubles rest assured that your opponent has.

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