Do you feel higher end Japanese darts have a different *feel* to them?
I bring this up because I've thrown with DMC, Dynasty, Cosmo, Joker Driver, and a few others. I can't put my finger on why...but they just feel/throw different.

What made me start this thread is that I randomly PM'ed Cyanide about his Cosmo's to see if he noticed any difference (leaving it a little ambiguous/not going into specifics).

He replied back with a lengthier response that was EXACTLY how I felt after using Japanese darts...he even hit on lot of the more obscure detals I noticed (and didn't mention to him), he brought up those exact same points as if reading my mind.

Just handling a set of Japanese darts....they feel different. Like they're more "precise" if that makes any sense. Like when my friend bought a set of Dynasty soft tip darts. I had no clue about the brand and within a few seconds of holding them, I knew they were Japanese made.

Could the Japanese use a higher grade of tungsten? or possibly more precise tooling machines? Even Cyanide mentioned something that I noticed but thought I was crazy for thinking it (and had never mentioned to anyone in the past)....the Japanese darts seem to make even a different sound when hitting each other in the board.

Every time I've bought a set of Japanese darts, I find myself just rolling them around my fingers/carefully inspecting them....just trying to find why they *feel* different.

Anyone else notice this?
I agree completely -nothing else feels like a Japanese made dart
I think there is different levels of quality with tungsten billets, but I am only guessing at that and it could be more to how the billets are formed. I have noticed with some darts a similar feel. The Harrows ICE always felt like a very dense tungsten but its a difficult thing to describe what that feeling actually is.
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Yeah definitely.... The way they Feel them selves into my Wallet and Rob me Blind....
I have a set of "Target True Play" Japanese ,,,bet they came from the Unicorn plant in China ,, who knows,,,,?
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I concur, actually my last few sets have been One80, Revenge and now UM's and I can't explain but the feel, flight and sound of the darts hitting the board is exactly what you are saying to. I also had the same feeling when I was throwing my Bottelsen GT's. I was using M3 exactly the same dimensions as my current UM's but the feel and flight was not as crisp or consistent. I have been extremely happy with the quality and precision of One80, however, my next set would be Cosmo Justin Pipe. Likely wont happen, as I just can't see myself spending $150 CDN to try them, as I am extremely satisfied with my UM's...maybe Cyanide will send me a present....LOL. But your are correct IMO, can't explain but there is something different.
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Definitely something different.... but similar to the One80 darts I have had.

Maybe there is a tungsten quality thing? maybe it's the tools? The Japanese and well known as experts in blade crafting/metal working, but then again so are the Germans.

I can't say that they necessarily feel better... just different.

I find the Harrows ICE darts feel different than other darts too.

It could be completely psychological though... $200 high end brand name shirts are made using the same fabrics (and made in the same factories) as much cheaper shirts, yet people will swear they feel high quality.
It could be down to silicon being used in the brass in place of lead. This is more common in Japan, especially in the electronic industry, the scrap would have to have the silicon extracted before reuse so it is prohibitive. However in Japan the scrap could be sold on and used as it for tiny components in chips. I know (having read about it in the dealership) that Toyota use this method for brass/tungsten screws the leftover is then used in the electronic components. It may also be that along with silicon there is a slightly higher copper content to the brass.
My cosmos feel a cut above the rest of my darts.
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They have umamiSmile

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