Weights of Darts
Probably a very silly question as I am sure the answer will be specific to the person, but is there a preferred weight for a dart? Or put it another way, what would be a good weight of dart to use?
There really isn't an ideal weight. It's all trial and error but 24g is generally recognized as a good starting point.

Just to show that the top players are all different, here's a list i compiled for another forum (should be 95% correct but even the top players occasionally change the weights too)

Stephen Bunting 12
Ted Hankey 14
Denis Preistley 15
Bob Anderson 18
Colin Lloyd 18
Kevin Painter 19
Mark Hylton 20
Alan Tabern 20
Andy Smith 20
Colin Osbourne 20
Denis Ovens 20
James Wade 20
Mark Webster 20
Paul Nicholson 20
Adrian Lewis 21
Joe Cullen 21
Mark Dudbridge 21
Robbie Green 21
Terry Jenkins 21
Dennis Smith 21
Alan Norris 22
Dave Chisnall 22
Co Stompe 22
Gary Robson 22
Martin Adams 22
Mervyn King 22
Ronnie Baxter 22
Simon Whitlock 22
Steve Beaton 22
Steve Brown 22
Tony Eccles 22
Tony O'Shea 22
Wes Newton 22
Gary Anderson 23
Richie Burnett 23
Wayne Jones 23
James Wilson 23
Jamie Caven 23
Jan Dekker 23
Jelle Klaasen 23
John Part 23
Justin Pipe 23
Richie George 23
Scott Rand 23
Vincent van der Voort 23
Scott Waites 23
Dean Winstanley 24
Mark Walsh 24
Martin Atkins 24
Ross Montgomery 24
Wesley Harms 24
Brendan Dolan 24.5
Darryl Fitton 25
Andy Hamilton 25
Michael van Gerwen 25
Nigel Heydon 25
Raymond van Barneveld 25
Dave Prins 26
Devon Peterson 26
Magnus Caris 26
Peter Wright 26
Phil Taylor 26
Robert Thornton 26
What ever you feel is your most comfortable, size, weight, length, shape.
Try as many as you can as you develop you style.
Even money say's you have at least 10 set's by the end of the year, welcome to the Nutz house.
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Just have to go by what feels right for you. Usually best to start around 24 or 25 gram and see how you feel from there.
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Weight is the least important thing in darts imo. Once you find the right flight/stem that works with your throw you should be able to throw ANY barrel weight with similar accuracy.
What cyanide said... I found I started with 20g (a gift) bought some 24gs loved them. put away the board and the darts for 20 years. pulled them out a year ago found the 20's to light liked the 24's bought some 28grams and loved them bought another set of 28s loved them. started playing longer and better and found the 28s tiring so went to 26 grams. I jus ordered some 19 gram and 23 gram and find it depends on the day as to what I will throw... When it is just me i throw 28 gram to build stamina. When I know it's a lot of games I throw 23 grams.

what I find most important os barrel shape different shapes change the balance of the dart and will create very different flight characteristics.
Not just weight but length of barrel too. I always used medium stems and standard flights but I got some Target Sport Sprint (think thats the name) off Larry once and never liked them at first, they were about 53mm, then I put some short stems on and they flew great, but I often tend to throw best with barrels around 45 - 48 mm but shape can then have an affect also, but I do think you can get used to any dart if you give it time its just some darts you will immediately feel more comfortable with.
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Thanks for all your guidance guys.
Dug out my old sets. No idea what weights they are, so going by what feels right just now.
Suspect the preferred ones I have are in the low 20's.

Many Thanks.
I've started out on 21g. I've no idea if it is optimal for me, but it feels okay and only having the one set reduces the temptation to experiment too much too soon!
I started with 28 (!)g when I started 3 1/2 yrs ago because I had no clue, bought local from a limited selection, and had heard that heavier were more forgiving. I then moved down to 25 g, but more importantly, a dart shape and grip that I feel work nicely for me, and that I like the look of. Like others have said, anyone can throw pretty much any weight given enough time to get used to it, but it helps to have a barrel shape/length/stem length/flight shape that works for you. 20, 21, 22, lets face it, is there REALLY a huge difference?

Id focus on shape , length, and grip first. I started with a straight barrel that was fairly grippy. My current darts are straight but with a scallop, which is allowing me to replicate my grip each time, as well as letting me use two fingers and a thumb, rather than my old longer straight barrel where I used three fingers, and Im convinced these new ones fly straighter because of that.
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Weight is all feel and preference
I always tell people to just search online to see the largest league in your area, find out what nights/pub they play at, and show up a bit early. A lot of league players carry big cases full of darts with sometimes up to 10 sets. Just be friendly and explain to the players that you're new and would like to try different weights. Most dart players are awesome to new people because it possibly means more players involved in the league. If one of the players let's you throw a bunch of his/her darts, just buy the next beer round for them.

If you like a certain dart, ask for the brand/weight and write it down. Even if it's an expensive model, you can come here and post what you liked and we can recommend some inexpensive alternatives.

I have a friend on a limited budget and he loves my Barney Phase 2's...I pointed him towards a set of Alan Glazier's and he couldn't be happier.

Just getting your hands on darts before buying can really curb buyer's remorse.
whatever the size, dimension, grip etc.. was it ever be. You MUST love you darts. Hence "Trust " your darts.
its like a relation with other gender. if you feel something boring. just leave them.. They wont whine at the end. And while you have a chance... play as much as different darts as you can.. Big Grin
I'm not so called, a real darts nut!!
(01-21-2015, 12:06 AM)Cyanide Wrote: Weight is the least important thing in darts imo. Once you find the right flight/stem that works with your throw you should be able to throw ANY barrel weight with similar accuracy.

I agree!
People give too much attention to the weight when they should give to finding the shaft and flight combination that best suit their throwing style.
Mu suggestion is find your throw first.

Good luck.


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Hi guys. I started out with 22g, then went all the way down to 14g and have been up as high as 26g for regular playing. Im now back at 22g at the mo.

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