McDermott Razor Pro
Ayup comrades

Well yes the bull is well off, but if the rest of the board is of a decent standard.
And its only for home use, then its livable.
It just goes to show what a privilaged position we are in in the uk.
I can travel 2 miles to my nearest argos and pick up a original Blade 4 for £20.00.
Ive got to take my hat off to you fellas across the pond, for your determination to better yourselfs and spread the darts word.

Nice looking board
Opened all six boxes the other day, and two of the six Bulls were off center aswell. I did manager to tap them center with no harm. Weird that they wouldn't pay closer attention to that. Other then that got them all hung and they look goodt. Had league game on two of them an they played great. Only 1 bounce out all night. Update again in a few weeks.

I would def say go this route if you are buying 4 or more boards, ended up being $33 per board with shipping in my case. But if your only getting 1 I would say spend the extra $10-15 and go with a blade 4
Ayup Grandpa

Thats good to hear, and with a little gumption you tidy'd the boards up.$ 33.
Thats not bad, hope they last a while for you fellas.

Can someone confirm that the inner bull ring isn't over-sized? I'm just now looking into the McDermott boards, but a couple of the earlier pics in this thread make the bull look out of whack. The centering can be fixed, but the inner bull looks huge.

Also interested in hearing any feedback from the original poster 9 months later regarding durability of the boards. Not expecting much from a $30 board, but if something strange happened I would like to know.

Played on one of these boards last night. Piles of crap!

Get this... a Unicorn EP or Blade 4 have a bullseye diameter of around 12mm. These boards have a bullseye that is 15mm wide!!!!

It's honestly harder to hit the 25 segment on these things. The 25 bit is incredibly skinny. I've never seen anything like it.

Save your money...

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