Darts keep falling out? Guide to scuffing your points
Thank you for this post!

never heard of this! will be doing my darts tonight! thanks!
Older thread, but still good info.
Thank you for sharing your experience and methods.
I have been registered on the site for a while and reading the postings and find your information and reviews very helpful. This is the first time I’ve posted.

I just recently got into playing darts and have heard from a few people that I needed to make sure that I “sharpen” my darts. From reading this thread I can now understand how these people have been misled into thinking of this as sharpening. Most probably by watching other players “sharpening” their darts.
I have seen a few players using the little donut shaped stones and watching, and trying this method I could see that it was definitely scuffing the first 1/2” of the points as described. It was a little confusing as this didn’t appear to be sharpening them as much as scuffing them, which is in fact what it’s supposed to be doing.
I agree with using the sandpaper and this is what I was using this to “sharpen” my darts.
Now that I understand the actual reason why I’m doing this it actually makes sense.
This has also saved me money and embarrassment.
I was considering buying some expensive engraved points but I think I will stick with scuffing the points and see how this works.
Thanks to all of you guys for providing your insights.
(01-18-2018, 12:48 PM)Libbya Wrote: Thank you for sharing your experience and methods.
Thanks to all of you guys for providing your insights.

Sharpening - Another point.
If your dart hits a wire, you may have deformed the tip,  making a little hook shaped snag that will damage the board as it slices into but mostly when you pull the dart out and this mushed tip, however small, can pull out sisal fibres.
If you run your thumb over the point after a bounce out you could feel this and it is easy to fix and your dartboard will thank you with greater longevity.  

Have a great day
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Even scuffed my Storm grippoints, just to be safe and it feels better...
So every "sharpening" stone, should technically be "scuffing" stone?

Also, if one had a scuffed point AND a sharpened point, would that make any difference as well?
Thanks for this info, never thought you would want to 'scuff' your darts instead of sharpen or smooth to make them stick Big Grin
I have had good results of late with 180 grade Wet/Dry abrasive paper grip the barrel in a batt or corded "leccy" drill spin up at around 1/2 max speed & wrap & hold paper around point give several short bursts the point gets roughed up & the grit leaves a series of tiny grooves around point making it a kind of grooved point Coarser grade paper leaves larger grooves
emery paper works great too

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