How many sets of darts you've bought before finding the perfect set?
I'm still a developing player. As my mechanics evolve, and I learn, and I get physically stronger, and my steadiness and balance improve, the right darts 6 months or a year ago aren't the right darts now. Fortunately I bought a whole bunch of the "wrong" shapes and weights early on, so I don't have to do much shopping now.
26's so far this year: I've already lost count. :-)

I have 41 sets. Constantly swapping and changing. As long as it is a long, thin dart between 18 and 22g I don't see much difference in my performance. Won a league match last Friday with 22g Bristow. Been practising all day with about 4 different sets. Will be throwing 21g Bob Anderson next match. Maybe different the week after. Seems to affect me not a bit but can't throw anything bar a longish thin dart.

[Image: dart%20display.jpg]
That pic above is the darts and set ups I played around with in the close season and hardly a hairs breadth in performance. Perhaps we overthink it? Personally I think the flight and stem make far more difference to me than the dart. I soon get used to a new dart. Never going to be any great shakes though so perhaps my performance isn't good enough to be
Ok I don't feel as bad anymore looking for another set only after using my current ones for a month and a half.
(11-05-2015, 04:51 PM)huckduck Wrote: Ok I don't feel as bad anymore looking for another set only after using my current ones for a month and a half.

I'm on a new set now, after promising myself that I'd stick with one main set I was using.

The problem is that grip wears out. Some faster than others. So I now use a Terry Jenkins 21 gm, as there is no grip to wear out.  It seems to be ok for now.   I would like to try a 20 gm smooth dart.  I have a 19, but I am not ready to throw that just yet.

And so, as opposed to having a wide variety of darts, I seem to be homing in on a very particular thing....
8 sets in the last 15 years.

The last 3 sets are relatively the same dart dimension wise.

I found that tuning the dart with the proper shaft and flight the most crucial thing.

[Image: spvatnD.png]

Darts: 22g Rebel One80 / 22g John Part Golden Hero
Stems: Harrow Magnetic Mediums
Flights: Combat
Board: Blade 4
Board Light: Circumluminator

Highest checkout: 167
Favorite checkout: 125 (50-25-50)
Fave players: Anderson, Wright, Part
Fave double: D16
Fave double in: D20
Best Game: 9 Dart 501

Best Darting Moments: playing John Part at an Exhibition / Being in attendance at World Grand Prix in Dublin 2014
As a newbie i tried 5 different sets with different grip styles.
Then i bought tarantulas in 24g with rear grip, and they helped me.
In a local darts shop i tried taylor 9five gen2, tried different flights on them, and with bigger flights its a perfect fit for me Smile
Sticking with these now Smile

Learned from this that its important to try before you buy Smile
Darts: Target 9five gen2 26g
Flights : Robson plus purple
you only need 1 set but its fun to find that one set by trying out a few, got a few sets myself but I tend to stick to my Bristow darts the most.
The good news is that I am getting close. The 19th set seems to be the ones, though the 20th set is close behind. However, I expect it will actually be the 21th set. I'll let you know when I get them.
[Image: BJ8F7UG.png]

Thunk, thunk, thunk, walk, chalk, pull, turn, walk, turn, repeat...

You guys are Nutz for sure! In a good way I think, interesting topic, I tried a lot of sets before settling on my Taylor Phase 5.

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