Darts General Orientation (Dartsnutz University: Beginners Level)
For those among us who are newcomers to the game, or those who have friends whom you have referred to here in DNF to learn how to play and how to love this game.

We're putting up a series of Instructional Aids to make the mastery of the art of darting simpler and easier. Large part of the learning process lies on the practicum side. After picking up some tips, you are expected to grab your darts and start applying what you have learned, and have fun.


Now let's take things one by one.


Let's get some basic tips from Bob Anderson


So go ahead start picking your darts. Just relax, look at the board, find your grip, stand comfortably, and throw. Try as much as possible to land those darts in the board. Make sure there are no people or objects around that you might accidentally hit.

It's okay! When I was just starting, I hit the wall so many times too.

Go ahead and proceed to the next part of this series when done.

Are you ready?

Here's more.



Honestly, MvGs tips were spot on. Find your natural throw and practice.

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Nice one Edgar, should be very helpful Smile
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Thanks guys! Please feel free to add more educational articles as the number of new dart members/beginners in this forum is increasing.
These "university" posts are great Edgar!

+1 from me!
great series of posts Edgar
Great posts mate.
Thats what I'm talking about Edgar plus 1 buddy.
Excellent post buddy. My 85 yr old mom came to visit and couldn't hit the board. I was with her when she hit her first bull. I thought she'd have the big one it was so much fun. Perfect advise thanks for the post
MVG's advise to put the point to the board is perfect as well. When I finally realized that I was actually throwing a not straight dart to the board my throws improved
Very nice series of vids for a beginner such as myself. Thank You!

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