Vintage Dum Dums measurements?
I'm hoping that someone who owns a set or two of the vintage brass Unicorn Dum Dums (similar to in the picture below) could post the barrel measurements for me -- diameter & length. I've read elsewhere on the forums that at least one variant had a diameter of about 12.8 mm, but haven't seen any length measurements. What I'm hoping to do with this information is use the relative dimensions to sketch out a tungsten version to have custom made, just for fun (and because I'm not patient enough to just wait for an original set of Dum Dums to show up on eBay)  Smile . I did the same thing with a set of half-pints a while back and liked the result. Not sure how viable this might be, but figured I'd give it a shot and see what happens.
Thanks in advance for any help! 
I've got some, but sorry I don't have the equipment to measure them accurately
(12-02-2019, 07:26 AM)mc1958 Wrote: I've got some, but sorry I don't have the equipment to measure them accurately

You could always just send them to me to measure!  Lol
I found a pretty interesting website that allows you to insert an image and measure it:

I put in a picture of a vintage Dum Dum, and discovered that its length is 1.5 times its diameter, and the flat section along the side is half the total length. So that would make the classic Dum Dum about 13 mm in diameter, 19.5 mm long, with a 9.25 mm flat section in the middle of the barrel (all a little rough). Converting these numbers for the tungsten billets that Custom Made Darts use, with 8.74 mm as the largest diameter, that would make the tungsten versions 8.74 mm in diameter,  13.25 mm long, with a 6.125 mm flat section. Pretty small, but I may give it a shot anyway. 


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