Advertising Rules ! Please Read.
This forum is for the members, freedom of speech and expressing their wants, ideas, humor both on darts and life in general.

We have advertisers who support the forum by paid for advertising.
Thus we support those advertisers and encourage the use of them where applicable.

Some rules:

1. Members who recommend and post links to other retailers/manufacturers are entirely free to do so providing that member is not part of that business or connected to them in any other capacity and as long as they do not do it excessively, however some sites/links may be considered in direct conflict to the forums main rules and therefor may be deleted if posted.

2. We ask that non contributing retailers/advertisers/site owners etc refrain from advertizing via posts. Its not fair to those that do contribute.

3. Mods will be instructed to delete such posts made by such members as above.

4. Such members may not have links to their site in a post, this includes their signature.

Also as this is a forum we have rules regarding the posting of other sites or forums that are doing the same thing as this forum, it is called "Poaching" for want of a better word, so please refrain from doing it, any such posts will be deleted and any further attempt to make such posts will result in your account been banned.

These rules may be amended at any time without notice.
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